PVC Roofing Shingles: An Evolutionary Material For Denver CO Residential Properties

The most preferred roofing material in the Western world is asphalt shingles. In Denver CO, it's nothing new -- most residences prefer asphalt shingle roofs because it has a great variety of colors to choose from. Additionally, it showcases the traditional residential aesthetic we have all come to know and love. However, technology has made it possible to share the distinct aesthetics of asphalt shingles with the durability and long-term dependability of metal and PVC.

In fact, PVC roofing shingles are gaining market traction nowadays. With a simple search engine query, you can find a great host of PVC roofing shingles providers online. You even get an option for a straight-home delivery at your convenience.

True enough, we've seen many of them, and we can say they share many properties with the commercial-grade PVC single-ply flat roof contractors often prefer to use. They're highly durable and can withstand great pressure. Hailstones virtually have nothing even at high velocity against these PVC roofing shingles so long as professional Denver CO contractors have installed them effectively on your roof.

Are they as affordable as asphalt shingle roofs? Not exactly. PVC roofs are quite a premium for many commercial roofers. Therefore, you can assume the price of PVC roofing shingles to be quite at the same range. In addition, even if it is sturdy, it can be quite fragile. The delicate nature of the material will require you to work with experienced roofers who have extensive experience installing asphalt shingle roofs.

Modernize has a great description on what PVC roofing shingles do and how they measure up against traditional roofing materials many have come to trust. Read more about it below.

Plastic Roofing Shingles Cost

The average roofing installation price for a composite plastic shingle roof costs anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof. You can expect to pay $4 to $6 per sq. foot or $400 to $600 per square installed on a standard sized single story home. View your potential roof installation savings with local roofing contractors below.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Composite plastic roofing is probably not your first thought when it comes to eco-friendly roofing. The problem with plastic is that it doesn’t go away. We know that it breaks apart into smaller pieces, but it’s basic components are not biodegradable, meaning that your plastic products will spend many lifetimes in a landfill. However, plastic composite roofing is actually a good way to put that plastic to re-use.

Because plastic shingle tiles are so inexpensive, you can make the conscious choice to decrease your environmental footprint by investing a little more money to purchase recycled plastic shingles. Take advantage of plastic tile’s relative immortality with a composite roof that will last you a long time, while helping divert existing plastic from landfills. Plastic is also smooth, making it ideal for rainwater collection. Finally, because plastic is so lightweight, the cost of transporting it (and the CO2 emissions that come with that process) is diminished.

Plastic shingles are virtually maintenance free. But because they typically come in sheets, if you do experience cracking, you will need to replace the entire sheet to prevent further damage. (Continued)

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