3 Effective Ways to Inspect Your Roofs Before Winter Arrives

As one series has popularized the phrase, indeed, winter is coming for Littleton, CO. You can expect higher temperatures and snow to begin its continuous drift across the area by October. While children will celebrate its arrival, homeowners will dread the significant number of problems snow can cause. Fortunately, with sufficient pre-winter inspections and reparations, you can reduce or eliminate all the additional costs of any roofing issues.

Interior Roof Leaks

Have you previously spotted staining and additional wet areas in your attic or ceilings? It's highly likely a sign of leaks in your interior. Some can have the size of a ball-point pen. Others might have the size of a grapefruit or entire basketball. If you see them happening, it's best to contact reliable Littleton, CO roofers right away for a consultation and rapid solution implementation

Roofing Material and Flashing Condition

Any curled, cracked, blistered, and missing asphalt shingles or roofing tiles is a huge problem once the snow hits. It can accelerate water damage and weaken your roof underlayment immensely too. By hiring a dependable professional roofing company, you can prevent this from getting worse and have your roof patched up just in time for the snow to drop.


Once the snow starts to drop, your roof might seem in good condition. That is until you start noticing your interior temperature becoming colder than before and causing you to turn up your thermostat. When this happens, you'll want to have roofers inspect your roof insulation situation.

Construct-All USA has a great post about the importance of pre-winter roof inspections. Read more about it below.

With that said, if you have not had your roof inspected for a good deal of time then now may be the ideal time to contact our professional roofers and let us take care of this task. With the initial inspection of your roof we will determine if there are any loose tiles, detached flashing, or damaged shingles. Each of these can be easily repaired and are quite essential to upcoming winter weather and storms. Flashing that is damaged or has gaps or tile and shingles that are missing altogether can lead to serious consequences such as water incursion.

If you have cracked or blistered shingles, winter ice dams, the weight of snow and even freezing temperatures can cause further damage. Many roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles and some ceramic tiles can be quite susceptible to blistering and cracking. When the strong winter winds make their presence known, chances are you will lose part or all of any shingles or tiles that are already damaged. So, should our professionals identify these types of roofing problems we will take necessary steps to address the problem immediately and secure the integrity of your roof.

As another component of our roof inspection, we will determine if you have any clocked, damaged or broken gutters as well. Falling leaves and tree branches during the autumn months can inhibit the overall functionality of your gutters to properly divert any and all rain water. For this reason, we highly recommend clearing away any leaves, branches or twigs from your gutter system before the cold winter weather arrives.   We suggest you clear the gutters and all downspouts thoroughly and if need be, our friendly team is on hand to perform this important task for you as well. (Continued)

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