Why Are The Best-Insulated Littleton, CO Homes Using Acrylic Elastomeric Paint?

The best way to improve any home is to give it a great roof. Metal roofing -- either corrugated or standing seam -- offer the best protection for properties against rain, hail, and snowstorms. Furthermore, they can last for more than 70 years with minimal to standard maintenance. On the other hand, they're quite expensive. Adding acrylic elastomeric paint products and services will increase their costs considerably too.

Most dependable and experienced Littleton, CO roofers highly recommend metal roofing because of their resilience and exceptional durability capable of lasting almost a century. However, some homeowners believe that it makes their homes look brutalist or non-organic by nature. Acrylic elastomeric paint is an excellent solution because it improves the metal roof's aesthetics with its massive selection of colors.

Another plus point for this roofing paint is its protective capability. Galvanized and galvalume roofing materials use zinc and aluminum to protect the steel core, respectively. In adding an extra coat of acrylic elastomeric paint, these roofs have an improved lifespan and performance.

True enough, these paints aren't as durable as zinc or aluminum coats. They'll tear off once a fragment or hailstorm comes to pass metal roofs. However, they're easy to recoat on roofs. Furthermore, they reflect UV rays and prevent your metal roof from absorbing temperatures considerably too.

The best-insulated properties in Littleton, CO, use acrylic elastomeric paint for the following reasons Ghaster Painting and Coatings enumerate below. Furthermore, they also use the best roofers in town. If you have yet to find an excellent roof repair, replacement, and installation company, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing.

Elastomeric coating is an above-grade exterior wall or roof coating that is approximately 10 times thicker than paint. It forms an incredibly thick yet flexible coating that helps waterproof the exterior of a structure. Unlike other types of coatings or paints, it can bridge hairline cracks to complete an airtight waterproof seal.

It is a suitable material for use on surfaces such as stucco, concrete, masonry and more. Elastomeric coatings can be used on walls as well as roofs. When the elastomeric coating is applied it is in liquid form, it completely dries, hardens and bonds to the structure and yet remains flexible, moving, bending and flexing as the structure underneath moves, bends and flexes. In addition to providing a waterproof protective coating to a structure, it also helps protect the structure from damage. Elastomeric coating is chemical and mildew.

It can be tinted to a number of colors and retains its color very well long-term. For these reasons, it helps maintain the appealing look of the exterior of the building and wards off the less appealing look of damage, wear and tear.

As more and more people and businesses try to become more energy efficient in order to save money and be more eco-friendly, they are looking for every possible way to “go green.” One way to do so is with elastomeric coating. Elastomeric coating is heat resistant and helps drastically improve the energy efficiency of whatever building it is applied to. Because they are UV resistant, they essentially act like round the clock “sunblock” for your structure. It offers long term durability for a building which is important for many homeowners and business owners.  (Continued)


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