Acrylic Elastomeric Layers: It Works Best With Metal Roofs

To be honest, the long lifespan of metal roofing materials isn't due to its steel core or galvanized layer. The acrylic elastomeric coating can preserve and prolong seams of metal roofs' performance and integrity by adding a UV reflective, aesthetic-enhancing coating. This added feature gives your metal roofs better UV and degradation resistance.

Some Littleton, CO homeowners, have asked professional roofers about acrylic elastomeric's feasibility for asphalt shingle homes. Unfortunately, it's impossible to use acrylic elastomeric roofing for asphalt shingle roofs. The reason: their eroding layers will disintegrate the acrylic coating, which will make it useless and quickly perceivable right after a strong rain or windstorm.

Asphalt shingle roofs' colors come from the dye or coloring chemical manufacturers use. It isn't painted or has an acrylic elastomeric coating because these chemicals require a non-eroding, well-composed layer to install itself. Concrete, which shares similar traits as asphalt shingles, has better erosion resistance than the latter, allowing it to use paint and elastomeric coating to enhance its durability.

However, damaged asphalt shingle roofs are easy to replace. Most local Littleton, CO roofers with high-quality services offer minor affordable services for replacing missing or severely damaged individual shingles. If your roof remains greatly durable after a severe hailstorm, you can count on roofers to replace your missing shingles, especially if you're under a maintenance contract.

American Weather Star has an excellent post about the advantages of using acrylic elastomeric layers for properties. Read more about it below.


Compared to other chemistry types, acrylic roof coatings are less expensive and just as durable. This means building owners can expect an acrylic roofing system to deliver long-lasting performance, reduced energy consumption, and decreased maintenance costs.

This powerful combination of cost and performance is what makes acrylic coatings such a popular and sensible roof restoration solution.

UV Protection

Acrylic roof coatings are highly reflective and UV resistant. These important qualities can save money by drastically reducing cooling costs during the hot summer months. Minimizing the sun’s impact on the roof surface not only helps sustain lower energy costs as the system ages but also cools internal building temperatures and extends service life.

Easy to Install

As a water-based substance, acrylics are easy to work with and install. This means an acrylic roof coating system can be installed in a timely manner without sacrificing quality workmanship and with minimal disruption to day-to-day business operations. Also, installation teams will rarely encounter complications with application equipment, making them more productive and efficient. (Continued)

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