Should You Choose To Have a Residential Flat Roof For Your Littleton, CO Property?

When we say residential roofing, we stop and think of a house with beautiful siding and an asphalt shingle roof with varying slopes and colors. Nowadays, flat-roofed residences are synonymous with luxury and cutting-edge aesthetics. Furthermore, you have these advantages in owning a residential roof for your property.

Post-Modern Residential Look

Architects have better freedom in providing you a unique, only-yours residential look with flat roofs. While your residence might look post-modern, it will become an appealing, extravagant property despite the affordable costs of building one.

Optimized for Maximum Space

A single or two-story flat-roofed property maximizes the space available for your property. Without the need for an attic and additional roofing joists, you can make a room out of every corner of your property. The added insulation layers beneath the solid concrete or single-ply roofing material ensure exceptional room temperature retention for your property.

Faster and Easier Installation

Lastly, exceptional Littleton, CO roofers can provide you with the speediest installations possible for flat roofs with ready foundations that can accommodate and handle the weight of concrete roofs or single-ply roofing materials.

Central Bay Roofing lists some of the disadvantages of flat roofs that homeowners in Littleton, CO should know. Read more about them below.

With the good comes the bad, and it is important to learn the cons of a roofing system so you can figure out if it is right for your home. Here are the disadvantages of choosing a flat roof for your home.

Lack of Drainage:

The biggest disadvantage of a flat roof is the lack of drainage, and this is why it is important to check your roof regularly. If you do not inspect it regularly, your drains may become clogged with snow and water. You want to clean out the drains as needed and be sure to use a waterproof seal regularly to prevent leaks. Remember, there are no slopes for the water or snow to slide down.

Debris and Dirt Can Build Up:

Snow and water are not the only things that can cause problems on a flat roof. Leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris can also clog up the drain, and this leads to snow and water not draining properly. You can avoid a clogged drain by regularly inspecting and cleaning the dirt and debris off your roof.

Limited Roofing Materials

The majority of flat roofs use rolled roofing materials, which include TPO, EPDM, rubber, and bitumen. The materials are inexpensive but only last from ten to 15 years. There are alternatives, such as using rubber shingles with rolled rubber roofing, but they are more expensive and it is unknown how long the materials will last. (Continued)

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