Age-Old Roofing Problems That Your Professional Littleton CO Can Quickly Solve

Littleton, CO homeowners aren't immune to the common issues any house faces. Whether you're using common roofing materials or expensive but highly-durable and aesthetically-pleasing ones, roofing's age-old problems will always be present as long as it rains, snows, and has us face cyclones and hurricanes of all kinds.

Here are four common roofing problems you've likely faced that your trustworthy Littleton, CO roofer can help you fix in no time.

Roof Leaks

Leaky roofs are an enormous problem once the rainy part of summer arrives. Littleton, CO homeowners, are ready with their buckets and caulking solutions. However, you can call upon dependable roofers to help you resolve roof leaks during rain downtimes.

Missing Shingles

Hurricanes are the worst because of their strong storms capable of uprooting asphalt shingles and causing major roofing damage. However, with a replacement bundle, you can replace the missing shingles by yourself.

Shingle Erosion

Strong rains will always cause roofing materials to erode. Thankfully, you can apply the same solutions as you would with missing shingles.

Brittle Clay

Lastly, if you're a little dense to step on clay tiles, you can ask professional roofers, who have the right scaffolding and traversing equipment, to help with your roofing needs.

Total Home Roofing has a complete list of troubles that still exist in 2021, but you can easily resolve them using professional help. Read more below.

Lack of Maintenance – Ideally, you should schedule an annual inspection of your roofing. You should also plan on having a professional inspection following any severe storm events. Over time there are many things that go wrong with your roof and you need to be on top of taking care of it on a regular basis. Mildew, sagging or large holes are usually clear indicators of a roof that has been neglected.

Improper Repairs – This is one of the worst offenses because it means the homeowner actually hired someone to get the job done. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent it except make sure whoever you hire is reputable. Too many shady contractors bid on a job then cut corners because they will still get paid for completing the job and it will be a long time before anyone discovers what they did.

Ventilation – Roof and attic ventilation is an integral part of making a roof last, and occurs naturally when vents are placed at the base of the roof (at the eaves or in the soffits) and near the top of the roof (the ridge) so that warm air can leave through the top, and cool air can be drawn through the bottom. Since warm air naturally rises, no mechanical process is necessary to create this air movement. Adequate ventilation regulates temperature and moisture levels in the attic. Left unchecked, heat and moisture can build up causing damage to rafters, sheathing, shingles, insulation, and raising energy costs, any may also lead to some ugly mold and mildew problems.

Storm Related Damage – Summer, spring, winter or fall any season can cause storm related damage. Hail, rain, heavy winds, lightning or even broken branches can all cause major roofing damage. Make sure following any weather related events you have your roof inspected for possible damages. The window for filing an insurance claim is not very big and you do not want to end up paying for these damages out of your own pocket.

Roof Leaks – No matter what type of roof you have, if a leak develops you have a problem. Your roofing is meant to act like a lid on a container. The purpose of this lid is to keep everything inside dry. Once a leak compromises that all you can hope to do is fix it in time to minimize the damage. There are any number of reasons that leaks can occur; the concern is detecting them in time and carrying out repairs and clean up in time. (Continued)

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