Alternatives to Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is one of the best roofing materials existing nowadays. While clay is a highly-durable roofing material, it still requires consistent maintenance to make sure it can withstand hailstones and deliver great overall roofing to your home. However, metal roofing is made from steel, one of the strongest roofing materials existing today. Furthermore, advanced processes including galvanization and galvalumation have helped it last longer -- with some reporting it can last for more than a century or more.

However, metal roofing doesn't last forever. Over time, moisture can penetrate the protective acrylic elastomeric paint and zinc or aluminum layers. When the moisture reaches the steel, it becomes a huge problem. Professional Denver CO roofers will take more time and use additional equipment to remove your old roof and replace it with a brand new corrugated or standing seam metal roof.

Unfortunately, you lack the budget to fund another roof system that can last for decades. You definitely want to know more about the available alternatives that you can use and deliver the same protective results as much as possible.

Houzz has a great list of alternative roofing materials you can use in replacement for metal roofs. While some of these might be just as expensive as metal roofs, they're definitely worth considering especially if you need a brand new roof that raises your residential property value. Read more below.

1. Synthetic tiles.

Synthetic roof tiles can offer authentic looks in replicating traditional materials such as slate, shakes and shingles, but with the advantages of lower cost and maintenance. Often molded from rubber and plastic-based materials, these options are constructed in a uniform, predictable manner that eases installation. They also come in numerous colors to fit your specific architectural palette.

Drawbacks can include a lack of authentic appearance, and this is especially true in some of the extremely affordable, cost-saving alternatives. Some newer products are not time-tested in the same way older, more popular alternatives are.

But synthetic tiles are gaining popularity for good reason. They can be inexpensive and reliable, and sometimes look nearly identical to the natural materials they are meant to emulate.

2. Recycled composite shingles.

These are similar to synthetic tiles except they’re constructed almost entirely from recycled materials.

They can be pricier in some instances than standard asphalt-based alternatives. The roof shown here uses an Enviroshake product. EcoStar is another prominent manufacturer that uses a high percentage of recycled content. The extended lifetimes and environmentally friendly characteristics of these materials make the products a compelling selection for roofs. (Continued)

Now that you know the best alternatives to your metal roof, it pays to work only with exceptional roofers from Denver CO. Roper Roofing is renowned for its exceptional roofing material installations that guarantee long-term benefits for homeowners. By using top-notch roofing material and reliable roofers, you can definitely get the results you need in no time for your roofing!

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