Are Composite Shingles Viable Roofing Materials?

Composite shingles are available from local suppliers. However, synthetic roofing can sound sketchy, especially to homeowners who have used traditional roofing materials and have gone through two or three decades, depending on them. Composite shingles cost as much as metal roofing, making it questionable to go for them than a tried-and-proven roofing material.

Most composite shingles use synthetic materials, such as polymers and rubber, to reinforce traditional roofing materials. For example, the use of binding polymers reduces asphalt shingle granulation, allowing them to utilize acrylic elastomeric coating to prolong their lifespan and improve their UV protection.

Additionally, other manufacturers of composite shingles use top-quality synthetic rubber or metal to create convincingly-similar shingle roofs. For example, aluminum coated with acrylic elastomeric paint allows manufacturers to "print" similar impressions of asphalt shingles while enjoying extended lifespans, resistances, and dependable roofing.

Truthfully, composite shingles combine the traditional aesthetics of roofing and synthetic roofing material's dependable lifespan and dependability. They cost much more than asphalt shingles because of their reinforcement or ground-up metal or rubber manufacturing.

Rockin Roofers has an excellent list of composite shingle advantages you can use as a reference. Read more about it below.

Composite shingles are one of the most popular shingle choices in America.In fact, homeowners are choosing composite shingles for their homes more and more.  This is because these shingles are made with a mixture of different materials such as fiberglass, asphalt, and recycled products.  These materials help the shingles last longer than traditional asphalt shingles. Because of this, composite shingles are actually more eco-friendly than some of their counterparts.

If you’re considering composite shingles, here are the top four benefits of installing them on your home!

Composite Shingles are Budget-Friendly

The most common reason why homeowners request composite shingles for their roofing installation is that they’re budget-friendly and cost-effective!

In fact, a composite shingle roof installation is one of the most affordable options on the market! Another perk of composite shingles is that roofing contractors can replace damaged portions of the roof much more easily than when working with other roofing materials.  This, in turn, saves you money and lets you avoid an entirely new roof installation every time an issue arises.

Composite Shingles are Durable

Another reason to consider composite shingles for your roof installation is that they’re extremely durable. In fact, roofing contractors estimate that composite shingles have a lifespan of up to 50 years!

Composite shingles also hold their shape and color for years, making them a great investment for any home.  They can even increase the resale value of your property! Composite shingles also repel moisture, resist mold, algae growth, and handle rain, hail, and snow with ease. The unique makeup of composite shingles is lightweight and absorbs the sound of outdoor noise for a quiet and cozy interior. (Continued)

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