Can You Reduce Metal Roofing Costs in Littleton, CO?

Littleton, CO, has many homeowners who much prefer metal roofing over other roofing materials. While it's quite an investment, it's one of the most practical and logical choices. Metal roofs can last for more than a century with significant but minimal maintenance. Furthermore, it has exceptional durability, which guarantees exceptional residential protection.

Because of its substantial initial investment costs, many Littleton, CO roofers with in-depth experience installing metal roofs have figured out ways to reduce your metal roofing costs.

One is to select the right roofing material for your property. Manufacturers of aluminum roofing make it sound like the one-all-be-all solution to all your roofing problems thanks to its high-end corrosion resistance and feather-like weight. However, aluminum roofs find great use only with riverside and oceanside residences where high salt air corrodes metal roofs swiftly.

Any galvanized steel roofing, which is the most affordable roofing material, can do so much for residences. Furthermore, corrugated roofing with effective underlayment installation can introduce top-notch insulation to reduce your residential utility bills. They can last longer, too, thanks to the affordable UV-protective layers of acrylic elastomeric roofing. has a great article to help homeowners in Littleton, CO gets the best metal roofing prices and reduce overall expenses. Read more about them here.

Go for Steel as your material of choice

It goes without saying that metal roofs can be made out of different types of metal, but what many homeowners don’t know is how greatly the price for these different metals may vary. The cheapest (but also lowest quality) Galvanized corrugated steel starts at $175 per square.

The next BIG step up in quality is Architectural steel, which starts at $300 per roof square (100 sq. ft.) for metal shingles and $350 per roof square. for standing seam.

The next upgrade is aluminum, costing, $350+ per roof square for metal shingles and $425+ per roof square for standing seam.

Aluminum Shingle Roof

Premium metals, such as copper and zinc are outrageously expensive: $900-1400 per roof sq. The smartest financial move is to go for a steel shingle roof, because it offers architectural quality and style at a cost close to corrugated metal panels. – You can read more about it here.

Avoid Seasonal Material Price Increases

In the roofing industry, most roofing material suppliers hike up their prices during busy roofing seasons, which are typically during the spring and early fall in most states across the US. You can avoid these seasonal price increases and save money by scheduling your installation at a different time of the year, convenient for you (summer or winter).

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