Are Roofing Equipment a Good Investment for Littleton, CO DIY Homeowners?

If you're passionate about home maintenance, then roofing is a profession suited to you. It takes great dedication of time and resources to master excellent and results-oriented roofing. Furthermore, professionals have achieved top-level performance thanks to their consistent training and seminars. These factors make it justifiable for them to own a respective set of roofing equipment.

Many DIY homeowners believe they won't need the services of Littleton, CO roofers with experience and knowledge if they focused on building their DIY skills. However, climbing up ladders, learning to balance yourself, and thoroughly inspecting your roofing materials are only sufficient for roof inspections. With roof maintenance, you'll need to learn to use roofing equipment to provide an exceptional repair and installation service.

Therefore, the idea of saving more money on a roof repair becomes counter-productive, especially when you need to invest on new roofing equipment immensely. Furthermore, roofing equipment is way more expensive than buying new roofing materials and using professional labor. In turn, having professional Littleton, CO roofers is clearly the more viable and affordable option.

However, if you see yourself utilizing every bit of your knowledge and time to develop your roofing skills, then you can purchase roofing equipment. Investing such dedication will give you expertise, which is enough to help you maximize your newly-purchased equipment, get certified, and become a professional roofer too.

IKO has a great list of tools and their costs. Read more about them below:

Shingle Roofing Tools in Detail

Nail Guns and Roofing Hammers or Hatchets

Most roofers will use nail guns for applying shingles and other nailing work. Nail gun safety is a concern, but most roofers find that nail guns are faster than hammers. However, there are still many roofers who prefer to use roofing hammers or hatchets. If you choose to use nail guns, you will still need to have a roofing hammer on hand for other nailing tasks or for when holding a nail gun might be more encumbering than it’s worth.

Hammer Tacker Stapler

Felt underlayment may be installed with staples, or cap nails, depending on your building code requirements. If you use staples, you will need a staple gun. If you’re using air nail guns, it makes sense to also use an air staple gun. There are even 2-in-1 nail and staple guns.

When you install felt underlayment, you also need to add plastic or metal caps that are 1 inch in diameter. These caps prevent water from getting beneath the underlayment in the event of a tear.

Air Compressor

If you choose to use pneumatic nail guns, you will also need a roofing air compressor to maintain proper pressure in your tools at all times. You may be tempted to purchase a nailer-compressor combo tool that doesn’t need an air compressor. However, these tools don’t maintain pressure long enough to complete a roofing job. Plus, the air cartridges are expensive. Remember that any delay on the job site will cost you in labor time and missed opportunities for more work. Having a compressor on hand at all times is much more convenient. (Continued)

If you feel you can't invest in and handle the mettle needed to perform DIY roofing, we highly suggest you work with Littleton, CO roofing professionals. If you have yet to find one, you can count on us at Roper Roofing to help you with all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!

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