Fair Warning From Roofers on Online-Sold Roofing Materials

As reputable and dependable Littleton, CO roofers, we've received inquiries regarding online sold roofing materials as substitutes for locally-made, high-quality roofing. Unfortunately, our stand remains clear -- online-sold roofing materials have zero guarantees when it comes to providing exceptional solutions to seal roof leaks, improve your roof's lifespan and performance, and give you decades of excellent roofing.

Roofing manufacturers have spent decades continuing to innovate and improve their existing materials. In doing so, they can provide homeowners with exceptional roofing that can withstand hailstorms. Top-notch asphalt shingles can last for up to three hailstorms with minor damages and possibilities of leaks. Therefore, an unproven and untested material is highly likely to yield quickly within less than a year.

Truthfully, many homeowners get enticed by the low cost and shipping fee of these sub-par roofing materials overseas. Some state it as a short-term solution for their roof leaks and underlayment integrity issues. However, the tarpaulin is a better way to seal your entire roof and protect it against rainstorms until professional Littleton, CO roofers can arrive to help you.

In all cases, we warn all homeowners to avoid online-sold roofing materials. These poorly-performing materials will only cause long-term damages and added expenses to your roof. Russ Noyes Roofing has a great post about why roofing brands and material matter significantly. Read more about it below.

The Best Brand

The best brand is one that has the product your want, in a color you like and offers features important to you. For some that means an impact resistant roof to stand up to hail. For others, that may be an ENERGY STAR® rated roof for maximum energy-efficiency.

It’s also important the roofing company you choose installs total roofing systems. Some manufacturers only honor their warranty when the roofing company installed the roof as a total roofing system per their guidelines. Look at the warranties offered by the manufacturer. That will let you know how they stand behind their products.

You’ll find that the best roofing company always proposes a total roofing system. That means the right underlayment, ventilation, starter strips or shingles, and finishing elements recommended by the manufacturer. They may cost a bit more, but your roof will last longer and perform better when it’s a total roofing system.

Choose the Best Roofing Company for the Brand and Material

You probably already figured out from our previous blogs that a huge influencing factor in choosing the right or best brand is choosing the best roofing company to install it. Simply put, don’t hire a roofer who claims to be the best roofing company for asphalt shingles to install your tile roof. They may have little experience in tile roofing. (Continued)

If you need top-quality roofing solutions, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing to provide you with the best roofing possible. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.

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