Hailstorms Are a Nightmare During Quarantine Season

You're hearing the familiar clanking and slamming sounds that sounded like small to big marbles pelting against your roofing material. It's begun raining hail, and you're worried: without any professional Littleton, CO roofers available during quarantine, your roof is going to get bust by the end of the season. Undeniably, hailstorms are a nightmare this quarantine because they cause the following.

Surefire Damage To Your Property

You'll see cosmetic and functional damage mixed together against your roof and siding. In many cases, hailstorms have penetrated sidings and caused massive roofing damages. Certainly, it is a nightmare for homeowners anywhere. Hail won't penetrate your roofing material, but it can cause damages that could penetrate straight to your material underlayment.

Immediate Repair, Not Maintenance

You won't need maintenance skills to fix problems that hailstorms cause. These materials need immediate repair from professional Littleton, CO roofers. While this might be impossible for the meantime, you can clear the hail off your roof. Then, you can cover the surface using tarpaulin, which is helpful. When rainstorms arrive, the tarpaulin is a great fix to avoid any further leaking and water damages to your property.

Possibility of Replacement

Lastly, hailstorms will leave your roof in need of immediate replacement. Hailstorms that last for more than 15-30 minutes will cause massive and irreparable damages to your roof. While metal-roofed homes will fare better than traditional roofing material homes, they can still have dents and paint problems.

What should you do after hailstorms? Contact us from Roper Roofing to help you with your roofing issues. Unfortunately, due to the state of things today, it's better that you know exactly what you should do right after a hailstorm. MetLife has a great article on what you can do right after a hailstorm below.

Hail can seriously damage your property. Here’s what to do if it makes an impact:

If Hail Hits Your Home

Once it’s safe to go outside, check your home’s roof for damage.

Look for even the smallest damaged areas. Rain, wind and snow can continue to wear away hail spots and expose the asphalt underneath—causing it to dry out and water to leak inside your home.

Check the gutters. Make sure no large cracks or dents can compromise their function.

Inspect your shingles. Hail damage can cause shingle failure, meaning they won’t last nearly as long as intended. If you see dents, divots or bruises, the damage might be more than just cosmetic.

If you notice signs of roof damage, file an insurance claim and schedule an inspection with an insurance adjustor.

If Hail Hits Your Car

A hailstorm may leave an unprotected car covered with tiny or large dents. These dents rarely affect performance, but it’s a good idea to have someone assess your car to determine if the damage is serious.

If the damage is simply aesthetic, you have two options (Continued)

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