Heat Remains a Huge Problem for Many Roofing Materials

It's easy to see why asphalt shingle roofs remain appealing to many Littleton, CO homeowners. It remains a massive problem for many homeowners. All homes require the best roofing materials to ensure their collective integrity and capability last in the best way possible. However, even with heat-resistant roofing shingles and metal roofing materials with an acrylic elastomeric coating, the sun's direct UV ray pounding remains a big problem for properties.

Heat-resistant asphalt shingles have unique materials that repel UV rays. This property prolongs its lifespan by preventing heat retention that leads to crumbling and blistering asphalt shingles. However, UV ray absorption is different from UV ray reflection; heat can still affect the roof's molecules.

Additionally, airholes and micro-hollowed areas inside asphalt shingles can create moisture during sudden sun-and-rain weather changes. When this happens, it can turn asphalt shingle roofs brittle from the inside. While metal roofing materials may not have this problem, small chipping of acrylic elastomeric coating is the roofing material's death knell. This situation is especially actual with moisture-exposed galvanized roofing materials.

Goodrich Roofing has a good write-up on heat's effects on every roof. Read more about it below.

Roofing Degradation

Extended exposure to direct sunlight can compromise your roofing material. Aging roofs are more likely to experience damage from the sun. Asphalt shingles may peel, buckle, or erode. This leaves the wood surface underneath exposed to the sun and rain, which may experience water damage. Consider replacing your roof before summer if it’s been up for over two decades and you’re noticing significant balding.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock can occur in the summer. Roofing systems tend to expand in the heat and contract as the temperature goes lower. Constant contraction and expansion can strain it physically, decreasing its lifespan. Plus, older roofs are more prone to splitting and cracking in warmer weather.

High Humidity

Hot, humid air can contribute to roof damage. Condensation can settle beneath the shingles, which may result in water damage or leaks. Weatherproofing materials may prevent this problem, however.

Importance of Routine Inspection

Inspect your home from the ground, and check your roof for missing or broken shingles. Immediately contact your contractor for an inspection if you think your roof is damaged. Schedule your inspections routinely to prevent roofing issues. Roofs that have been installed for more than 10 years need to be inspected yearly because the materials start to wear faster with age. (Continued)

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