Is It Time To Retire Your Metal Roof This 2021?

Any Littleton, CO homeowner is looking forward to the day they can finally tear down their old roof and replace it with metal roofing. Truthfully, metal roofing is the most solid roofing material capable of lasting numerous times under a hailstorm. Furthermore, they can last for 60-70 years on average because of steel's long-lasting performance and galvanic or galvalume coating protecting the roof from corrosion. However, is it time to retire your metal roof, especially if it encountered something dire that shortened its lifespan?

Rusting is one of the biggest signs your roof needs replacing. Corrosion happens when moisture seeps inside the roofing material, especially after the anti-rust coating have begun to tarnish. Once a roofing material corrodes, the material cannot reverse it. Plus, it loses its strength-to-density ratio because of its lagging density.

Loose panels due to poorly-installed or thoroughly-damaged gaskets and fasteners will introduce leaks, capable of causing severe water damages. While roofing maintenance specialists in Littleton, CO, can help you replace your troubled roofing material, they may suggest that you need a new roof when possible.

Here is a list of signs to help you identify the right time to replace your metal roofing from Bill Ragan Roofing Company.

1. The painted finish has reached the 30-year mark (standing seam only)

All of the major steel panel manufacturers use a patented process to apply a painted finish called Kynar 500 to standing seam metal panels. This painted finish protects your metal panels from the elements and keeps the color you choose from fading.

Your standing seam metal roof comes with a 30-year paint warranty on the Kynar 500 finish. After the paint warranty expires, you should start budgeting to replace your standing seam metal roof.

Even though the paint warranty expires, that doesn’t mean the finish is completely gone. When you see a lot of rust or the color extremely fades on your metal panels, you should start considering replacing your standing seam metal roof.

2. Something damaged the painted finish (standing seam only)

Remember, the Kynar 500 painted finish protects your metal panels from the elements and keeps the color you choose from fading. Anything that damages, dents, or scratches the painted finish will shorten your standing seam metal roof’s lifespan.

This could be from falling limbs or heavy hail damage. It could also be from other tradesmen walking on your roof or painters spilling paint and using chemicals to clean the paint off the panels.

Whatever the reason, if the Kynar 500 finish on your metal panels is damaged, then your standing seam metal roof will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

3. The fasteners are starting to wallow out (screw down only)

Remember, a screw down metal roof has the fasteners exposed through the top of the panels. Due to its lack of expansion and contraction, these fasteners get wallowed out until they’re too big for the screws that hold the metal panels down. (Continued)

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