Is It Worth Having a Full Roof Tear Off and Replacement?

Roof tear-offs and replacements are an expensive and time-consuming venture. Roofing companies will head with their dependable crews on your doorstep. Then, they'll measure and remove your old roofing material for at least two days. Your roof's full replacement can complete within one to two weeks or less.

Is it still worth having roof replacements? Here's a good checklist to learn whether you can make extensive use of roof tear-off and replacement services based on cost.

An Aged and Problematic Material

Roofing materials 15-years-old and above tend to have huge problems. Asphalt shingle roofs are almost near their lifespan's end by 15 years. To extend their lifespan, you'll want to have frequent maintenance. If the damage is too extensive, then a roof replacement is the best option.

Frequent Water Damages

In the rainiest areas of Littleton, CO, frequent water damages are an expensive problem. If your existing roof has made it challenging to prevent water damages, then it's time to have a new roofing solution.

Repair Costs Reaching Half Replacement Costs

If your repair costs have gone beyond 50% of a roofing replacement cost inclusive of labor, then choose roof replacements instead. Doing this guarantees, you'll have fresh roofing materials that provide you with more than 20 years of excellent protection.

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Considering roof replacement can be daunting. Replacing a roof is an expense that takes a chunk of your budget, but is extremely important. An aging roof that needs to be replaced can cause serious problems and lead to even more expensive repairs down the line. Knowing the signs that your roof needs to be replaced can help you determine when to take action. Let’s look at the signs that indicate that your roof needs to be replaced.


Most roofs need to be replaced every 15-30 years. Asphalt shingle roofs last an average of 12 to 15 years. Tile or metal roofs often have a longer lifespan. The weather conditions in your particular area play a big impact on the wear and tear of your roof, as well. For example, if you live in extreme heat, or in an area with extreme rain, you may need to replace your roof more frequently. As soon as your roof reaches the age that it needs to be replaced, you will need to start thinking about your next roof.

Keep in mind that if you previously made roof repairs over the top of your existing roof, you may definitely consider seeking a roof replacement as soon as possible. Sometimes, homeowners will use the overlay process as a quick fix to hide more significant roofing issues. If you have purchased a home, be sure to make note of when the roof was last replaced, as well as when the overlay process happened.


As a homeowner, it is easy to forget about your roof. Nonetheless, we recommend that homeowners check their roofs every spring and fall. Try to inspect the rooftops, gutters, drains, and downspouts. This is a great opportunity to check of damages signs, including how extensive damage is on your roof. We also recommend checking your roof if you have weathered a serious storm, especially during hurricane seasons. Serious storms can cause extensive damage, and some of the damage can be hard to see from the ground. (Continued)

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