It's Crucial to Repair The Roof Before Selling The Property

Quality is always a priority for many homebuyers. Many invest in top-notch homes because they find their value and quality top-notch when comparing it with other choices on the market. For some real-estate specialists, repairing the roof is sometimes unnecessary. However, they work with specialist roofers from Littleton, CO, to learn whether the roof can still last, and repairs are enough to improve its condition.

Truthfully, repairing the roof instead of a full-on replacement drives down the property's cost while upping its appeal for homebuyers. New roof installations are exceptional for neighborhoods with remarkable premium properties. The average homebuyer only needs a roof above their heads capable of handling heavy snow and rainfall.

Aesthetics might be secondary to functionality, but it's essential too. Most agents will take the property's curb appeal into substantial consideration before contacting roof repair specialists. Most of the time, brand-new asphalt shingle roofs deliver so much value to properties, it alone is capable of lifting the market value.

However, it's best to make sure the entire property is functioning well. Homebuyers are only looking for one thing: the property's overall quality and dependability. It's imperative to repair your roof before selling the property.

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When to Repair Your Roof

If your roof has partial damage, such as broken shingles from storms, aging or other conditions, it may not have to be replaced completely. If the damage is limited to one section of the roof, it’s often wiser, and less expensive, to replace that area rather than the entire roof.

Though you might be tempted to save money by forgoing any roof repairs, it could cost you more in the long run.  Most buyers who see a damaged roof will expect to pay less in anticipation of making repairs themselves. If you do not plan on making repairs to your roof before selling your home, you will likely have to lower your asking price to offset the price a potential buyer will pay to repair the roof, costing you thousands of dollars.

Either way, you should have a roofing expert estimate the cost of the repairs and get their professional opinion on its effect on your home’s resale value.

When to Replace Your Roof

Selling a home with any roof damage is unlikely, but selling one with a severely damaged or aged roof is not only unappealing to buyers, it’s virtually impossible. When homebuyers are financing their home with Federal Housing Administration or Veteran’s Administration loans, there are many requirements the home has to meet to be eligible. Specifically for an FHA loan, it can’t leak or let in moisture and has to have at least two years of life left. (Continued)

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