Are Non-Traditional Roofing Materials Effective Roofing For Littleton, CO Homes?

Let's define classic roofing materials as asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and slate. You'll often see them as exceptional roofing solutions that provide a traditional homely aesthetic for many residences. Non-traditional roofing materials include metal roofing materials (both corrugated and standing seam) and spray polyurethane roofing. We can add flat roofing materials, such as modified bitumen and single-ply roofing materials, as modern ones too.

Most Littleton, CO roofers get questions from homeowners asking whether modern roofing materials will improve their property in many ways. Unfortunately, not all modern roofing materials will improve the aesthetic of your property. Metal roofs can introduce that distinctive look of a residential property. However, SPF roofs and single-ply roofing materials leave much for you to desire aesthetically.

On the other hand, all modern roofing materials offer greatly-improved insulation. Metal roofing introduces seamless roofing that guarantees zero leaks in your home. Furthermore, flat-roofing materials and SPF roofs introduce the same seamless capability. You can paint metal roofs in light colors to give it a better aesthetic and UV reflective capability. Most single-ply roofing have a white color that allows them to never absorb UV rays. SPF roofing material is naturally white as well.

Non-traditional roofing materials might not be appealing to most homeowners, but they're excellent in prolonging the lifespan and durability of your home. However, it's still best to use traditional roofing materials. For example, clay tiles offer better advantages than modern roofing materials as Heritage Clay Tiles writes below:

Clay roof tiles have stood the test of time!

Clay has been used throughout the ages as a reliable roofing material as well as recepticals for eating and drinking. Countless historic archeological sites around the globe have produced many examples of clay and these artefacts have illustrated just how durable and long lived clay products really are. The other good thing about clay as a building material is that the material can be fashioned into tiles of many different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles.

Some other advantages of clay roof tiles over other building materials

Clay roof tiles have a proven track record for being able to effectively insulate buildings. Clay roof tiles will help to keep a building warmer during the colder months and maintaining a cooler building in the summertime. This is because clay naturally reflects the heat from the sun, which is why clay roof tiles are frequently the preferred choice of roofing material in countries that are hot for a large proportion of the year.

Another great advantage of clay roof tiles, particularly the ones with a raised profile is that they will allow varying degrees of air flow. When air is permitted to circulate above and below the clay tiles, an insulating cushion of air becomes trapped between the tiles and the roof that increases the insulating ability of the the entire roof.

Clay roof tiles are extremely durable

Apart from being a very long lived and natural product, clay roof tiles are virtually maintenance free. They just need clearing of moss and other organic deposits from time to time and although some people like to have them pressure cleaned once a year or biannually, many others like the look they take on when weathered with time. Clay roof tiles are the perfect solution for preventing insects like masonry bees from tunnelling and, as long as you use a quality clay tile, they are resistant to thermal damage from freezing and thawing. (Continued)

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