Will a Metal Roof Destroy All Hope Of Proper Residential Insulation?

It's a question every homeowner in Littleton, CO, wants to be answered. They've spent years saving money for excellent roofing materials. Now that it's decision time, they're split about using metal roofing because the metal is a capable conductor of heat. Truthfully, you have a huge number of advantages with metal roofing. While it does have its cons, it doesn't mean it's entirely a bad investment.

Metal is an excellent heat conductor. However, metal roofing has a low density with an exceptional level of performance. With these properties, it's one of the best options for top-level roofing materials with low-temperature retention. Applying an added acrylic elastomeric coat enhances the roof's performance with improved rust resistance and UV reflective capabilities.

The acrylic coating is an excellent, inexpensive solution. You can purchase cans of acrylic elastomeric coating for less than 10% of your total roofing costs. With this price, you can cover the entire property within a short period.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of metal roofing and asphalt shingle roofs for temperature thanks to 2nd 2 None's Roofing & Construction's article. Read more about it below.

How cool is metal roof

Did you know that metal is the most energy efficient material available today? Yes, when used as roofing material it can help reduce the energy you use to cool your home off by forty percent. Air conditioning units can cool off your home when temperatures are high but a well-insulated home is necessary to maintain that coolness. Without proper insulation, homeowners can expect a significant increase in they’re energy bills. Yes, metal roofs are cooler than shingles and work to keep the hot air out so that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work overtime. Imagine being able to be comfortable all year round while keeping your bills down.

It can be difficult to understand the cooling properties of a metal roof. Typically, in a hot environment metal can be hot to touch. How exactly can it be cool? The quality of your metal roofing materials and the construction can very well determine whether a metal roof delivers the energy efficient properties you’re seeking. It’s important to purchase from a reputable vendor and hire a professional roofer to get the maximum benefits of a metal roof.

A metal roof is able to balance the temperature inside of your home because it is very reflective. Metal has a low thermal mass which allows it to reflect light and heat rather than absorb it. That means that the majority if the sunlight that the material is exposed to gets deflected away decreasing the heat transfer into your home. Once the temperature decrease outside the metal material will be much cooler as well. Metal roofs are available in a variety of finishes. Added pigmentation can help emit as much as ninety percent of the heat that is absorbed.

In an exceptionally hot area like Alabama, homeowners can take thing as step further by opting to use metal products that are built with integral airspace separating the back of the metal panel and the underlayment. This bit of small further blocks potential transferred heat and the underlying building materials will absorb it instead. (Continued)

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