Modernizing Your Roof Style This 2021

A New Year brings a great number of blessings and challenges ahead. While the world's situation hasn't improved so far, your roof has plunged deeply into peril. However, with this unfortunate scenario, you have the enormous benefit of having a new roof. Even if you haven't saved enough money, you can take on financing and have professional Littleton, CO roofers help you build your roof.

Highly likely, homeowners who have saved enough money will think it's "just as well" that their roof has finally come off because the old one deserves to retire. Additionally, you have the opportunity to modernize your roof, too. However, modern doesn't mean you'll be taking on radical shapes to have an outstanding roof. A modern roof is more than just the aesthetic and shape.

Rather, a new and modern roof is one that has top-level durability and stability. Plus, its modern features come in the form of style and overall accompaniment of the overall property aesthetic. If you'd like to have a drastic roof shape, focus on changing your property's roof shape. It can cost a bit more, but it's highly likely the best way to alter and give your property the (non-radical) style you need.

Roofing Insights has a great list of the best roof styles for 2021. Read more about them below.

Gable Roof

Gable roofs are easily one of the most popular roof types in the United States today. In addition, they are easy to identify due to their distinct triangular shape. If you’re looking for a traditional looking home that can still work well with any type of style (including modern), then a gable roof may be the right call for you.

Pros of gable roofs:

  • Appealing aesthetic
  • Slanted angle gets rid of water and snow easily
  • Ideal for climates that experience a good amount of precipitation
  • Adds height to the attic or vaulted ceilings which allows for more ventilation

Cons of gable roofs:

  • If frames are not installed correctly, collapses are possible with high winds
  • High winds may also cause materials to break off

Another common type of roof, the hip roof has slopes on all four sides. Each side has the same length and meets at the top to form a ridge. This style can be a little more divisive when it comes to aesthetics, but when done right it can be a great addition to the home.

Hip Roof

Pros of hip roofs:

  • Generally, hip roofs are more stable than gable roofs thanks to the inwards slope of all four sides
  • Similar to gable roofs, they are great for shedding all types of precipitation
  • If built large enough, you can add rooms under them


  • Because they require more materials, they are more expensive than gable roofs (Continued)

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