Pre-Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips Littleton, CO: Do It Early, Do It Now

Truthfully, today's holidays are drastically different than the year before, and that's because we're dealing with an unseen enemy. Keeping at home makes it easy to keep the entire family safe, but it's undeniable this year's holidays will be greatly different than the previous years. Additionally, your schedule for pre-winter roofing maintenance is slightly different but should never be postponed.

Fortunately, the country now allows roofing services to provide essential roofing services across the continent, and that includes Littleton, CO. We're all lucky because at least the roofing service's operational green light came a few months before winter arrives. We all know winter's detrimental effects on most roofing materials.

Pre-winter roofing maintenance is a step-up from most post-winter inspections because the cold creates massive roofing material damage. Metal, asphalt shingle, clay and slate tiles, wood shakes and shingles, and commercial-grade roofing all suffer great winter-dealt damage, making it essential to have exceptional winter roofing maintenance and inspections.

With top-notch Littleton, CO roofing maintenance, you can have ice dam preventative solutions plus essential minor roofing material repairs. Before it becomes impossible to have roofing repairs, you can nip small issues before they evolve into enormous ones over time.

Triumph Roofing has an excellent checklist for wintertime maintenance routines. Read more about them below.

1. Remove Snow ASAP

Snow on a rooftop can look postcard perfect. Unfortunately, it can also wreak havoc if it's left to sit for too long.

Along with ice, snow creates a heavy weight on your roof. This means that anywhere it's even slightly compromised could be at risk of major damage.

If precipitation remains on your roof, it can create what's known as an ice dam when it melts. Water on a roof is nothing new, but it's the re-freezing that creates the issue.

When temperatures drop below freezing (usually overnight), the melted ice hardens back up again. As a result, it creates a dam in or around your gutters, backing up any runoff precipitation. This can loosen your shingles or even create a leakage.

Remove all ice and snow from your roof as quickly and thoroughly as possible to keep it dry longer. As the conditions can make the surfaces slippery, it's often wise to hire a roof maintenance company to come and take care of the issue for you.

2. Repair Flashing

When starting your wintertime roof maintenance routine, take a look first at your existing flashing. Even if it was installed correctly years ago, over time it can become warped or even loosened.

If it's faulty, strive to get it fixed as soon as you can. With improper flashing, snow and other icy precipitation are allowed to more freely enter your roof. If too much excess moisture builds up, you're looking at an interior leak.

The same concept applies to your shingles. If any are beginning to peel up or chip, have them replaced immediately. Left unsecured, they also allow moisture to build and seep into your ceiling.

3. Check Your Gutters

One of the first places that freezing precipitation will accumulate? Your gutters. (Continue Reading)

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