It's Important to Repair the Roof Before Selling Your Home

If you're planning to move out of your home, you'd check the market to know the exact amount you can sell your home to homebuyers. If it's your first time to sell a home, market investigations tend to be a gruesome and tenuous experience. However, one of the most important things you should do is repair or completely replace your roof.

The most essential parts of a home are its walls, roof, windows, and doors. These are its essential outer layers that protect its owners from outside elements, give them privacy, and a place they can customize and enjoy to their liking. With a faulty roof, water damages are apparent right after the strongest storms. In addition, it can let in external wind draughts and drafts if it has damages. This compromises the insulation of your home, which increases your utility bills drastically too.

Additionally, your home's value increases because of the added curb appeal your new roof adds. With a brand-new roof, you guarantee homebuyers a secure home, and one that is beautiful to look at and admire from a distance. It's important not to make the roof too overly-extravagant because some buyers find it a problem rather than a practical need.

For example, homebuyers will prefer a home with newly-installed asphalt shingle or standing seam metal.  Both materials are practical and durable. While standing seam metal might be expensive, it can provide a century's worth of excellent roofing to homeowners. Asphalt shingle roofs can only last for 25-30 years, but their exceptional durability and affordability makes them prime choices for homebuyers across Littleton,CO.

True enough, you'll still need to deal with renovations and internal remodeling to add value to your home. However, never neglect the high, additional value that brand-new roofs can give your home.

Here are ways your roof improves your property's value according to Home Advisor.

5 Reasons to Install a New Roof

Improved resale value

As mentioned above, installing a new roof increases home value by almost $12,000, according to the latest cost vs. value survey.

Excellent appearance upgrade

New architectural-grade asphalt shingles provide texture and color options that are truly amazing. Who would have thought you could duplicate the appearance of a rustic slate roof using asphalt shingles? It’s possible with the selection of high-grade asphalt shingles available today.

Longer warranties

Standard warranties for asphalt shingles used to be 15-20 years. Premium-quality asphalt shingles today offer warranties as long as 50 years.

Cool roof technology

Believe it or not, some types of asphalt roof shingles have an ENERGY STAR® rating because they are designed to reflect solar heat, thereby reducing cooling costs. (Continued)

Lastly, it's important to always find a trustworthy roofing contractor in Littleton, CO to help you with all your roofing installation needs. When you work with us at Roper Roofing, you're working with one of Colorado's greatly-trusted roofing companies. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!

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