Is It Still Worth Saving Up For Durable And Capable Roofing in Littleton, CO?

For many property owners, long-term roofing is extremely important. It's a great way to ensure you have a roof for the next 3-5 decades. Furthermore, it improves the overall lifespan of a property within its four walls and ceiling against the elements, harsh weather, and snowstorms.

However, long-term roofing isn't very accessible for many. The price of clay and slate tiles and metal roofing are stabilizing thanks to high demand and improving manufacturing procedures. On the other hand, it still isn't enough for homeowners looking for affordable but capable roofing materials to replace their aged and problematic roofs. Is it worth saving up for durable roofing?

As the best Littleton, CO roofers, we must agree that it is still worth doing so for the following reasons.

Long Term Lifespan With Minimal Repair Costs

Clay and slate tile roofs have a lifespan of over 50-100 years with effective maintenance. Standing seam galvanized or galvalumed steel metal roofs can last for more than 100 years with minimal maintenance. If you're looking for durable roofing, you'll definitely have zero problems with long-term roofing materials.

Furthermore, their added durability guarantees minimal repair costs in the event of hailstorms, windstorms, and snowstorms. You won't need to call your Littleton, CO roofer frequently to address problems you might have.

Less Problematic Roofing Maintenance

Roofing maintenance is an important part of all types of roofing. While steel roofing might need it less than its organic counterparts, it still needs maintenance at different times. However, with clay and slate tile roofs, you'll need it more frequently to ensure long lifespans.

On the other hand, you save up with roofing maintenance when you compare it to the costs you'll deal with having roof repairs or replacements with short or mid-term roofing.

Lower Property Insurance Premiums

Lastly, insurers will place lower premiums on low-risk properties with exceptional roofing materials that can last for decades or even a century. That amount you'll pay for roof repairs will end up in your premium repayments, which allows you to get a roof of the same material

If you aren't sure of which long-term roofing material you should choose for your home, consider the following choices as per Eagle Watch Roofing:

Slate Roofs

Slate is a type of stone that is laid directly onto a roof. It is heavy and incredibly durable. Slate is also impervious to pests and rot. It is a beautiful roofing material often chosen for it’s looks, especially for traditional or historic designs.

One thing to take think about when using slate shingles is the weight of the material. Slate, being stone, is very heavy. Not every house can support a full slate roof. Slate roofing may require extra trusses to support the weight of a stone roof. However, when it comes to longevity, slate roofs are about as good as it gets, easily lasting over 100 years.

Concrete Tiles

People have used concrete as a building and roofing material for thousands of years. You can find many cement structures built centuries or even millennia age still standing.

Modern concrete tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors. They can mimic the look of many other roofing materials. Some can be made to look like slate. Other styles replicate the look of traditional clay tiles. Cement can be made into tiles in the Spanish style or the mission style common in the American Southwest. Some modern clay tiles are even produced to look like organic materials such as wood shake or shingles.

Concrete tiles have many advantages. They generally have an A fire rating, meaning they are the most fire resistant. They also resist damage from insects and animals. However, there are some drawbacks. A cement roof can be heavy. A lot also depends on how the cement roof is installed. Water from blowing rain or snow may be able to penetrate the spaces between shingles. That can making the uderlayment especially important. The tiles themselves are often given a watertight coating. (Continued)

Make sure you're working with renowned roofing professionals in Littleton, CO such as Roper Roofing for all your long-term roofing needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!

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