Save More By Investing On Your Brand-New Solar Roof

You've always followed this idea: an excellent roofing material in Littleton, CO, is enough to help me save lots thanks to its excellent insulation, undeniably-helpful durability, and long-term performance. However, solar panels can reduce incoming impact against your roof while helping you save much more money. Truthfully, you'll have to reinforce your roof's current support structures, but solar panels can pay for themselves within 1-2 years.

Nighttime Energy Use Reduction

During daylight, electricity use is off the charts, especially if it's summer's hot weather. With solar roofs, you can maximize summer sunlight, convert it into electricity, and use it during the night to offset your electricity expenses during the day. Depending on your solar panel and storage quality, the solar roof energy can last by the next morning or at least offset a decent amount of your nighttime charges.

Dozens of Manufacturers With High-Quality Solar Panels

You won't have any trouble finding excellent high-quality panels. Across Littleton, CO, and its surrounding areas, you'll find a great number of dependable manufacturers who can provide you with high-performance panels. If you need evaluation, you can check out different solar panel reviews online.

Dependable and Reliable Solar Roof Installation Companies

If you're looking for helpful roofers with in-depth solar panel and roofing enhancement installation services, you'll always find exceptionally-talented Littleton, CO roofers near you.

GI Energy has an excellent post about why REC solar panels are the best choice for your home. You can read more about their deep-dive review to help you make an informed decision right next to this section.

REC Solar panels review

Today we are talking about REC Solar. REC stands for Renewable Energy Corporation – a very sensible and corporate sounding name indeed. Usually this is where I say things like “these panels are made in China” or “introducing another monster Chinese manufacturer”. So, it’s refreshing to start this review by announcing that REC solar panels are (for now at least) still made in Singapore – a rarity in this industry. Originally founded in Norway in 1996, REC are still a fairly modestly sized solar manufacturer for global volume, certainly when compared to the “big ten” listed below.

  • Jinko Solar – 14.2GW
  • JA Solar – 10.3GW
  • Trina Solar – 9.7GW
  • Longi Solar – 9.0GW
  • Canadian Solar – 8.5GW
  • Hanwha Q Cells – 7.3GW
  • Risen Energy – 7.0GW
  • First Solar – 5.5GW
  • GCL – 4.8GW
  • Shunfeng Photovoltaic – 4.0GW

To put in in perspective, REC announced in 2019 they had cumulatively shipped over 10GW since their inception in 1996. That means that JA Solar and Jinko both ship more annually than REC ever have in their lifetime. But, it is not all about who can make more panels. Once they are installed on your roof, are you really going to care if the panels on your neighbours roof come from a manufacturer who can make more? Or are you going to care more about the actual performance, reliability and level of support available? There are pros and cons of all major solar panel brands to consider.

With that in mind, a good way to analyse how much a solar panel is suited to your needs is to look at the following criteria: (Continued)

If you're looking for greatly-dependable roofers who can install your solar panels, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing. We're a REC and Solaire-certified solar panel installation, repair, and maintenance company. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.


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