Why Is It Wise to Save Up For a New Roof Every 5-10 Years?

It might seem counter-productive, but saving up for a roof every 5-10 years is wiser. Truthfully, as dependable roofers in Littleton, CO, it's better for us to replace than repair roofs. It can save plenty of time and money to get replacements, even if it seems more expensive at first.

Manufacturers and roofers assume that roofing materials perform their best during their first 5-10 years. In most cases, residences and commercial properties suffer immensely from extensive roofing damages after 10 years. By that time, the roof's integrity has worn off considerably, making it vulnerable to weather-borne damages.

Saving up for a new roof every 5-10 years prepares you financially for the possibility of low roofing after this time. Your dependable roofers can do maintenance and repairs. However, doing this can only do so much for the integrity and lifespan of your roof.

While it's financially difficult to always schedule a roof replacement every ten years, we can assure you that significant roof damages meriting roof replacements during this time are low. However, it doesn't hurt to be prepared for any eventuality.

Advanced Roofing has an excellent guide to know when to replace your roof. Read more about it below.

As a homeowner, maintaining your property and ensuring it remains up to code at all times is one of your most important responsibilities. Similar to most investments in life, homes require maintenance and upkeep as years pass to provide maximum comfort, safety, and security.

The longer you have lived in your home, the more likely you have considered investing in a new roof to replace your old roof. Before moving forward with the decision to replace your roof entirely, there are a few signs to watch for to determine whether or not the time is right for you and your home.

Consider Your Roof’s Age

One of the first things to consider before you begin inspecting your roof for cracks, breaks, and other issues is its age. A roof that is 25 to 30 years or older may require a complete replacement, even if the roof itself appears in good shape from the naked eye.

Older roofs were often created with materials that are no longer useful or considered strong today.

If your roof is 10, 15, or 20 years old, it may be time for a thorough inspection and potentially investing in an entirely new roof altogether, especially if your roof has been laid over a previously installed roof.

Begin By Inspecting Your Roof From the Inside Out

Once you have started to brainstorm the idea of investing in a new roof, begin conducting your own research at home by inspecting the condition of your roof from the inside out. Take a flashlight with you to your attic or to the space in your home where the interior of your roof is visible and look for the following potential signs that may indicate a more serious issue: (Continued)

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