Should I Repair My Roof Before Selling The Property?

Roof repair isn't always the easiest path to take. Its undeniably expensive depending on the damages your roof has suffered through the years. For example, a roof that has aged for more than 30 years definitely needs repairs or even a replacement. If that roof didn't get maintenance during those decades, then it certainly needs a complete tear off and replacement.

Most homeowners repair their roof before they put it out on the market. True enough, the more attractive your property, the more homebuyers will find it worth visiting and considering. However, keep in mind that all homebuyers are looking for one thing alone: the property's quality. Therefore, it's imperative to repair your roof before selling your property, right?

In some cases, this is a feasible solution. However, if you intend to just get rid of the property immediately because your new employer requires your attendance immediately or you lack the resources to allow quality residential roofers in Denver CO to repair it, then it's definitely an option to list your property as a tear down rather than anything else.

Of course, this will yield lower prices, but it will attract homebuyers who want to apply some customized ideas for the property they'll purchase. In addition, if they find your roof functional despite its condition -- or are willing to shoulder the repairs, you might even get a decent sum out of it too.

Redfin has a great idea on how to decide whether you should repair or just leave your roof as is before you sell it:

Your best bet is to figure out where you stand by taking stock of your home, the current market, and nearby sales activity. As with any major system in your home (electrical, plumbing, appliances, etc.), you should know everything you possibly can before listing your home for sale. Get an inspection from a local service provider before listing your home to get a clear picture of what might be an issue for potential buyers (and lenders, if there’s financing involved). If the inspection reveals there are potential issues with the roof — from minor to major — then you need to ask yourself a few more questions.

If your inspection reveals there are issues with the roof, bring in an expert to tell you how much repairs will cost. Costs can vary by provider, so it’s best to talk to two or three local roofing specialists to get a range of quotes. Knowing the cost will tell you if you can afford to take action, but also how much is reasonable to adjust the sales price by if you choose to do nothing and it factors into a buyer’s negotiation over final price. (Continued)

Additionally, if you're looking to sell your property for top dollar, the roof isn't the only area that needs your attention. In fact, other areas in your home require immediate upgrades and improvements to raise the value of your property. Inman has a great list of them below:

Structural and mechanical

It might not be glamorous, but buyers are looking at big-ticket items like the age and condition of the roof, air conditioning and heating systems, water heater, electrical panel and pipes.

Now, I’m not saying all have to be replaced, but if any of these components are on their last leg, you might seriously need to consider replacing them as these items could factor into the kind of financing the buyer is able to obtain as well as insurability of the property.

Appraisers are notorious for requiring a roof to be replaced, for example, as a condition of a loan when it comes to FHA and VA financing.

Replacing a roof that is at the end of its life before putting your home on the market will go a long way to solidifying buyer confidence in deciding to make an offer.

The buyer (and you) won’t have to sweat what an inspector says, deal with a potential renegotiation before closing or face a price reduction. The last thing you want to be doing is putting on a new roof in the midst of trying to pack.

If you lack the budget to replace these items, get estimates on the cost involved to replace. You can always offer to contribute to the replacement cost in the form of a credit to the buyer’s closing costs and offer a home warranty that can provide some coverage should something fail or need repair.

2. Exterior

How does the exterior of your home look? Is there any wood rot? When was the last time it was painted? Are there any stucco cracks that need attention?

First impressions start from the outside, and the exterior will show up in photos across a multitude of websites, etc. This is definitely an area worth spending the money. (Continued)

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