Should You Consider Having Roofing Consultations During Quarantine?

Many Littleton, CO homeowners are turning to online consultations nowadays. With quarantine protocols in place, it's best to know more about your roof's situation by having roofers guide you through its condition using their expertise and experience. However, how can they give you good advice if they cannot reach your property to learn more about your roof's actual condition?

Because of your Littleton, CO roofer's in-depth experience and knowledge in the industry, you can be confident they have encountered cases similar to your roof's condition in the past. Therefore, they can give you sound advice without having to look at your property. Additionally, they can give you tried and proven solutions, which they can perform by themselves.

The best thing about online consultations with your roofers is the ability to learn the extent of DIY roofing you can do. Roofers cannot reach you to perform concrete repairs. However, your local hardware and roofing supplier can provide you the essential equipment and materials you need to proceed. On the other hand, roofers do not expect you to fix the massive problems on your roof. However, they'll advise and instruct you on how to perform DIY roofing solutions they know homeowners with time and perseverance can perform.

Patio Enclosures has a great list of questions you should ask your roofing contractor. Read more about them below. If you need excellent roofing services from experienced roofers, you can always count on us at Ropa Roofing.

Question #1: How long have you been working in this industry?

Answer You WANT to Hear: Long enough to accumulate at least ten to twenty references you can contact.

Why You Want to Hear It: While more experience does not always mean better service, a contractor who has been around the block a time or two is more likely to have a proven track record.

Question #2: Are you licensed?

Answer You WANT to Hear: Yes.

Why You Want to Hear It: This question can be as tricky as maneuvering a bulldozer through a tree-filled backyard since not all states require contractors to be licensed. And some states set a monetary value to licensing. For instance, in North Carolina any job that will run over $30,000 will require a licensed contractor. Source.

If your state does require contractors to have a license, research potential contractors to ensure they are licensed by visiting this website or by contacting the licensing agency in your state. Why? If you hire an unlicensed contractor who builds half a wall and then skips out of town (leaving you with a gaping hole in your living room), then you are on your own when it comes to resolving the problem. If you hire someone who is licensed by the state, you will have backup when it comes to fighting this battle.

Question #3: Do you carry workman’s comp insurance for your employees?

What You WANT to Hear: Yes, for all employees that will be on your property.

Why You Want to Hear It: Joe Drywaller falls from a ladder and breaks his back while completing your project. Guess who could be held responsible for medical bills if he is uninsured? YOU! Since the last thing you need is to pay for someone else’s back surgery, ensure the contractor covers all employees with insurance before they step foot in your home. So you know the law about workmen’s comp, check out this list of State by State laws from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). (Continued)


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