Should You Learn DIY In Isolation Today?

It sounds like a great idea to learn to fix your roof or replace missing shingles. You won't only get to save money, but you become productive during this isolation period in Littleton, CO. Do-it-yourself instructions are available readily on the Internet. True enough, you'll need the right equipment, but you guess there are solutions that do not require much equipment to perform.

Unfortunately, roofing DIY is useful in being informative. It is not the best instruction or training guide for homeowners. Reputable roofers in Littleton, CO have undergone rigorous training to perform their tasks. Then, their decades of experience are testament to their knowledge and skill having played key roles in fulfilling the tasks homeowners needed and demanded from them.

While you have plenty of time, learning about DIY roofing is very productive. However, we will still advise any homeowner against any DIY project unless they have the right equipment and patience to handle the tasks needed to resolve their roof's issue.

For example, roofing underlayment replacement doesn't only involve removing a small patch of asphalt shingles, placing an underlayment patch, and replacing the asphalt shingles. It involves great finesse in removing the asphalt shingle nails to avoid damage. Next, roofing underlayment is much more efficient if you replace them completely rather than just place a tarpaulin or felt patch on leaking areas. Lastly, it can be tiring to replace your asphalt shingles entirely.

Fine Home and Living has a great write up on why DIY roofing isn't the best idea any homeowner can have. Read more about it below.

It Voids the Warranty

Every new roof includes a manufacturer warranty that protects you from costly repairs due to a fault in the materials themselves. This warranty lasts for years as long as you take the time to properly care for and maintain your roof.

Unfortunately, those manufacturers are strict and won’t honor your warranty if you violate its terms.

DIY roofing and failing to take care of routine maintenance are the easiest ways to void your warranty. If you do, the manufacturer won’t pay for repairs or replacements even if it’s their fault.

Always work with an experienced roofing contractor. They’ll make sure your warranty stays valid for its full term.

DIY Roofing Costs More

When you work on your own roof, you have to buy the right roofing materials and tools to get the job done. That often means a trip to your local hardware store where you can expect to pay full retail price for everything you need. This can mean spending hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket to even fix a tiny problem.

According to this article, hiring an experienced roofing company typically costs you less than trying to handle the repairs on your own.

Experienced roofers already have the right tools and often get materials at a lower price than you’d find at hardware stores. They'll pass those savings onto you.

Even better, pros know what they’re doing so you won’t have to worry about hiring someone to fix their mistakes. (Continued)

Make sure you're working with the best Littleton, CO roofers if you need any roofing fixes and services after the quarantine period. Contact us at Roper Roofing today for all your needs.


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