Signs That Your Slate Roof Needs Maintenance

You've just purchased your slate roof because your reliable Littleton, CO roofers said it was one of the most durable and effective roofing materials perfect for any home. It can last for 50 years or even beyond -- but only with effective maintenance. You might ask "when do I need to call my roofer for maintenance?" When you see these four signs, make a call to your trustworthy roofing service when you can.

Roof Deck Water Stain Inspections

Water stains are easy to find on your slate tiles. They often have a brown or rusty color. Water stains come from your slate tiles' surface crumbling, staining your house siding and other parts of it. It's terrible for your property aesthetic -- and you'll need to resolve it quickly if you plan to sell your property for a higher amount.

Hairline Cracks

Slate tile stains indicate an increasingly thinning roofing material. The sediments that flow into your gutters (giving gutter water that rusty, brownish color) are indicative of this. Furthermore, you'll see hairline cracks on your slate tiles. If you see tiles that prematurely have hairline cracks when you compare them with others on your roof, it's likely because your roof has become increasingly older too.

Residue and Sediment On Tiles

The presence of sediment and residue on your tiles is indicative that it is about to reach the end of its life. Even if you don't see hairline cracks, it is indicative of thinning, which natural elements and occurrences, such as erosion due to rains, can cause.

Clearing Moss and Other Organic Life

Lastly, if you're seeing moss and other organic life on your roofing tiles, it's best you clear them or call your dependable Littleton, CO roofing contractor for help to prevent any prolonged damage to your roof.

VR Roofing has great insight showing you how they maintain slate roofs for their clients. Learn more about it below:

Slate roofs are known as “hundred year roofs” and can outlive their owners if they are appropriately installed and maintained. Despite having the potential to last a very long time, your slate roof is also very fragile. Understanding the dichotomy of your slate roofs toughness and fragility is the key to knowing how to care for it.

Maintaining Slate Roof

One of the first steps in maintaining your slate roof is having it inspected every year after the winter. This yearly inspection will help you catch problems early to avoid big repair bills in the future. The last thing you are going to want to do is to get up on a ladder and try to inspect your roof by yourself. When a slate roof is damaged, most of the time, you won’t even know what to look for on the surface of the roof and will only know it is in need of repair because you will have a leak into your house. The best thing for you and your slate roof is to hire a slate roofing company that specializes in caring for slate roofs. Have them come out and take a look after each winter and especially harsh rain or wind. Take photos and write notes about the damage so that you’ll have a log to reference about the history of the roof.

Cleaning Slate Roof

When cleaning your roof, be gentle and use a medium roughness brush, with regular household cleaner and make sure to wash away the soapy water when you are done. Do not use a pressure cleaner or any harsh industrial cleaners because they can damage the slate. It is also important to remember that walking on a slate roof can damage it. If it is absolutely necessary for someone to walk on the roof, insist that they wear soft soled shoes. (Continued)

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