Spring Roofing Problems You'll Deal With in 2020

As winter leaves, spring comes in with flying colors. The holidays have been fun, but now it's time to check whether your roof's condition can still maintain itself through the first quarter of the year. Once spring arrives and the cold dissipates, your roof -- regardless of the roofing material -- will show its deteriorated condition because of the consistent snowfall and low temperatures during the time.

However, come spring and your scheduled roofing maintenance and repair, your roof performs good as new. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that spring doesn't bring with it a host of big problems. While as Denver CO's finest roofers, we believe that spring is the best time for roofing, we do not forget the fact that no weather can truly guarantee weather conditions or seasons where roofs can go through flawlessly.

Therefore, after your post-winter checkup, it's important to get ready for all possible spring roofing problems you might encounter shortly.

One of the biggest problems is pollen contamination. Flowers will bloom and trees will have new leaves, which brings so much soot and pollen in the wind. While it's a common cause for allergies, pollen can cause cracks on roofs because of its soil content. In turn, it can quickly erode your roofing material especially those made of asphalt shingles.

Next, some of your asphalt shingles and clay tiles might crack once the first sun and rain of spring happens. Immediate change of temperature followed by moisture can cause roofing damage. In turn, it pays to inspect your roof right after the snow has completely cleared and spring has come in full bloom.

BC Roof Inspections has a complete list of other things that you'll need to check on your roof once spring arrives. Learn more about it here.

Loose or broken eaves trough

Cause: Autumn leaves that were left unnoticed could pile up in the eaves, slow deterioration could lead to clogging and overflow.

Solution: Clear eaves trough of all debris. Check the screws and brackets to ensure they are fastened properly.

Animal Lodging

Cause: Loose flashings or siding, corroded facia boards and dormant chimneys are all enticing places where squirrels, chipmunks, birds would like to nest.

Solution: Are you hearing odd noise in your ceiling? Are you seeing an abnormal amount of wildlife congregating. If you hear recurrent noise on your roof, chances are high that you have an unwanted pest residing in your roof. If you are certain there is an animal nesting in your roof, there are humane wildlife removal and control services available.

Chimney Deterioration

Cause: Older homes need to have the chimney inspected. A common winter problem is that ice and snow rests on the top of your chimney. If the chimney is old, it is likely to have cracks in the crown When the snow melts during the day, the water runs into those cracks. Temperature drops at night can cause expansion and pushes the mortar and bricks apart. If this keeps recurring, it can cause your roof to leak and/or cause your chimney to fall off of your house.
Solution: Have your chimney inspected regularly. If deterioration signs are present, we strongly recommend that you hire a roofing or chimney specialist who is qualified in this area. (Continued)

Lastly, it's important to learn about the reliable roofing companies you can trust for all your needs. Roper Roofing is a company specializing in exceptional roofing installations and inspections after winter. Learn more about what we can do for you today!


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