The Clearest Signs Showing Your Roof is In Need of Replacement in Five Years

Without roofs, our homes in Littleton, CO can never protect us from the onslaught of the elements. It's difficult to imagine having to fend off against rain, hail, and snowstorms with an incomplete barrier. Homeowners will purchase the best roofing materials for their roofs and for good reason: your walls and roofs should live as long as possible.

However, no roofing material is forever -- not even coveted metal roofing, which can only last for 50-70 years. Over time, your roof will need replacement and roofing maintenance isn't enough to prolong its life any further. To avoid any huge problems, such as water damage, you'd want to have your roof replaced before it even reaches its lifespan. As your dependable Littleton, CO roofers, we agree to this idea.

Roofs in the last leg of their lifespan are easier for us to tear down and replace than ones that are about to expire in five years. However, replacing your roof early before its final years ensures you do not leave small problems occurring during the period to get even worse as the years pass. We've seen many households that maximized their roof's lifespan that they encountered huge leaks, insulation issues, and other costly problems.

By having your roof replaced before its expiration, you won't let any possible moss or growth overstay its welcome and endanger your family. You make sure your roof's leaks won't cause any roofing foundation damages any further. Early roof replacement helps you save more money than lengthening its use just to maximize your roof's potential.

Findley Roofing & Building has a great list of signs it's time to have your Littleton, CO roof replaced soon. Read more about them below:

Sign #1: Water damage

Signs of water damage can be easily mistaken for something else. If you find some damp patches in the upper floors of your room, for example, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were suffering from damp. Watermarks and mildew can also easily be chalked up to water coming in from the window when it last rained – but don’t be so sure.

Although your assumptions may be true, these signs can also mean that you need a roof replacement, or at least make roofing repairs. Even the smallest watermarks and mould could mean that water has seeped in from your roof, or that your roof has a hole or a crack.

When you find signs of water damage, check your roof. Don’t wait for the further damage; doing so could be costly and require you to have your roof replaced entirely.

Sign #2: Mould and moss growth

Something else to check out for is moss and mould. If mould and moss has grown outside your roof, then tiles could force themselves apart, creating a gap that lets in water.

Check your roof and look for tiles that show signs of rotting, moss or mildew. Deal with this as soon as you can; if you don’t, bacteria and fungi could grow and cause water damage to your roof. If you find lots of problematic mouldy areas, a roof replacement may be required.

Sign #3: Light coming through your roof (Continued)

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