The Effect of Weather on Your Roofing Materials

Any roofing manufacturer can claim that their roofing material can last for decades, even up to a century. Unfortunately, their guarantees can always fall short of your expectations. However, we can't blame roofing manufacturers for wrong estimates because the weather, and its impact, is difficult to predict. On the other hand, we can expect the weather to do the following damages to your roof.


Heavy rainfalls affect roofs regularly, especially during spring and summer. Truthfully, most Littleton, CO homes have small cracks that introduce leaks to your roofing underlayment. Roofing maintenance can prevent these damages from becoming more destructive.


During winter, extremely cool temperatures and added weight introduce immense pressure. Consequently, it can cause irreparable damages if you leave it unattended. Make sure to always clean the snow off your roof during the mornings and regularly throughout the day.


The spring and summer are easily-manageable weather. However, extreme heat can cause roofing materials to expand and contract. Additionally, UV rays can cause roofing materials to deteriorate faster than before.

It's essential to have trustworthy and reliable Littleton, CO roofers to help you with all your needs when the weather isn't cooperative. Moonriver Pearls has an excellent article to help protect your roof against one of the most destructive forces of nature: strong winds.

1- Nail Those Shingles

If you have loose roof shingles, as they’re apt to do after some time, you need to make them secure. Loose nails tend to rust and the edges of the shingles come off. Use a hammer to secure those nails and caulk those edges. Roofing professionals also recommend doing regular roof maintenance to check shingles, gutters and flashes. For extra protection you might want to install waterproof layers under the shingles.

2- Remove Trees Near Roof

If you have trees in your property you would need to check if they create a risk to your roof. Any hanging branches over or near the roof can become dangerous projectiles in a strong wind. Fallen trees and tree branches can cause serious damage to any roof and expose you to rain and wind. Also a branch dancing wildly in the wind can knock off your shingles, gutters or vents. So to be on the safe side, consider trimming or removing trees away from your roof.

3- Secure Metal Roofing

Roofers Toronto usually pay extra attention to metal roofing. They play an important part in keeping the roof sturdy. You can either use bolts and screws (called exposed fasteners), or you could use concealed clips to secure metal roofing. As long as you keep the roof secure, wind cannot cause you any damage.

4- Check Roof On Outside

This basic step should be done regularly whether there’s a storm coming or not. Roofs just like every other part of your house tend to rust, become loose, clogged and shaky. Roofers advise to inspect the vents, drains, flashers, and gutters. If you find anything coming loose or unfastened get to it right away before it turns into a major problem. Clear any blocked drains and gutters and remove any fallen branches or debris on the roof. In a storm anything loose can become a flying object can damage your property or that of your neighbors. (Continued)

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