The Only Alternative to Face-to-Face Roofing Consultations

Truthfully, for most roofers across Littleton, CO, it has been the most difficult year. Despite today's challenges, it's always imperative to find new ways of improving and introducing efficient solutions.

For example, many roofing businesses have used technology to aid first-time roofers in inspecting and checking their roof for problems. Alternatively, they've even aided them in repairs and replacements, speaking as an instructive earpiece.

While the previous example seems drastic, it can be challenging to find a Littleton, CO roofer willing to do your roofing for you. After all, it will break government rules requiring contact-riddled businesses, such as roofing, to avoid conducting their business.

In this light, it's highly likely impossible to have a physical roofing consultation by the next year in Littleton, CO. Even if the impending health issue clears up thanks to vaccines, it will take some more time to resume regular and completely-safe interactions. The best alternative for face-to-face consultations is an online consultation with your trusted roofer.

Honestly, some of them will charge fees, but you can trust that you will receive actionable information to help you resolve much of your existing business problems.

Your Professional Roofer has an excellent list of questions to ask your trusted roofer. Learn more about it below.

Residential and commercial roofing projects can involve significant costs, so you must only hire an experienced roofing contractor to do the job. Before hiring anyone to work on your home, make sure to do your research, look for customer feedback, request for references, and ask for proof of license and insurance. Moreover, asking the right questions will help you decide which contractor to hire.

Questions to Ask During a Roof Replacement Consultation

Here are things you shouldn’t forget to bring up during your consultation with a roofing contractor.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

In most states, roofing contractors need to obtain a license to work. However, code and requirements vary by state, meaning, it will help to know about the code requirements in your location. Doing so will let you determine whether your prospective contractor complies with your state’s code.

While the law requires roofing companies to provide worker’s compensation insurance to their employees, it’s still better to ask your prospective roofer about this matter. You should also ask them if they carry general liability insurance. In case something wrong happens during your project, your contractor’s insurance will cover for the damage on your property or medical expenses for injuries.

Do You Offer Energy Efficient Options?

With an energy-efficient roof, you can save on your heating and cooling costs. Your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard to cool your home if you have a cool roof. This type of roof usually consists of materials that don’t easily absorb the sun’s heat. Besides keeping your interior comfortable, it is also easier to maintain. Back in the day, cool roofs are typically in light colors but today, darker ones are already available.

Will You Tear Off My Old Roof? (Continued)

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