The Weather Will Adversely Affect Your Roof All The Time

If there are anything manufacturers prepared your roof for, it's to protect it against the elements. Roofing materials bear the heaviest brunt of possible damage from the environment and the weather's unforgiving effects. While most dependable roofing material manufacturers have performed elaborate research and achieved exceptional product performance, the weather will still affect your roof negatively. Here are three of the most common ones.


Winter has arrived, and it's punishing many Littleton, CO homes. Unfortunately, experienced and reliable Littleton, CO roofers cannot provide service efficiently during winter. Snow can cause ice dam formations plus possible immense snow buildup. Both of these will push against your roof and cause it to suffer massive water damage.


During summer, rains are common. Additionally, heavy rainfall can cause massive damages to a poorly-maintained roof. Right after winter, spring is the perfect time to have roofing maintenance services. Once the heavy rains arrived, it can be difficult to secure a slot from your trusty local roofer.


The summer season brings heavy rainfall and the hottest days. This extreme temperature difference can cause extensive damage to your roofing materials without proper inspection.

Total Roofing Co has an excellent post to help you reduce your roof's damages during winter's early onset. Read more about it below.

Inspect your roof thoroughly for damage - and fix it.

When was the last time you inspected your roof for things like loose or missing shingles or leaks? If it’s been a while, make it a priority to do so right way -- before winter’s worst weather sets in. Small leaks and weak spots can make your roof more vulnerable to the snow and ice. Even leaks that seem insignificant can cause rotting wood, mold and other issues. If you find a problem you cannot fix yourself, calling a professional is well worth it.

Insulate your attic.

What’s protecting the inside of your house from the snow and ice accumulating on your roof during a winter storm? If your roof is flat on top, or you haven’t checked the amount of insulation, then you might be surprised at how little separates your family from the elements. Properly insulating your attic and the areas above ceilings can keep the house toastier as well as your roof. A warmer roof means less accumulation -- and fewer problems later.

Make sure nearby trees and other roof hazards are in check.

Ice and snow can pile up on loose tree branches and eventually end up on your roof. Make sure that you trim back trees well before winter weather sets in to prevent this from happening. Cleaning your gutters, too, will keep water from collecting and freezing. (Continued)

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