There's Still Time To Have Your Roof Inspected

Roofing inspections and maintenance services have saved many roofs and wallets at the same time. The minor repairs and future-proofing ensures your roof can withstand any punishment from the elements. As winter approaches Littleton, CO, it's still a good time to have roofers inspect your property. Once sub-zero temperatures temporarily take over, it will be impossible to have all the roofing services you need.

Ideally, homeowners can have roofing inspections twice a year. Once after the winter, then one more before winter arrives once again. The first examination looks at the roof's current condition after the punishment winter delivered. With minor fixes and future-proofing done, roofers in Littleton, CO you can trust can guarantee your roof will withstand the harsh summer rains and the cold of autumn.

Inspections and maintenance before winter allows roofers to prepare your roof against the upcoming challenges set by sub-zero temperatures and snow. They can install roof heaters or check the condition of your existing ones. Additionally, they can reinforce your roof moldings to prevent possible droops and extensive roofing damages.

Reimer Roofing and Remodeling has an extensive list of winter responsibilities every roofer undertakes. Read more about it below.

  1. Cracking, Leaning, Missing Mortar:

Mortar should be in a solid, uniform condition. Cracking, leaning, and missing sections of your mortar can be correlated with an unstable roof.

  1. Bending or Drooping:

If your roof line looks like it’s curving, it should be inspected by a professional roofer

  1. Ice Dams:

As snow goes through a melting-freezing sequence, ice builds up and forms a dam in your gutters. When a roof is not properly vented, heat can escape through the shingles, causing the dormant snow on your roof to melt. The melted snow slides down the roof and accumulates in the gutters, where it re-freezes. To help prevent ice dams, keep your gutters clear of debris. You can also gently sweep the snow off the edge of the roof and verify that your attic is properly vented to keep heat from escaping to the roof.

  1. Sounds:

Whistling winds in the home, in addition to door frames changing and doors opening on their own, can be signs of an unstable roof.

  1. Shingle Granules:

Noticed most often when cleaning the gutters, shingle granules look like course sand. When found, it is a likely sign that the shingles should be replaced.

  1. Dampness:

Often dampness occurs in a home because there is not proper clearing of debris in the drains and downspouts. In addition, if damp air is not being vented properly, it can seep into the attic and lead to roof instability. This is particularly an issue in kitchens and bathrooms. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a dependable roofer, you can always count on us at Ropa Roofing to deliver the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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