Why It's The Perfect Time to Have Roof Maintenance Services

Springtime has arrived, and you've gone through winter excellently because you called your Littleton, CO roofers without fail during autumn. They've raised issues regarding possible foundational damages to your roof that can grow into bigger problems by the end of winter. Listening to them and their advice -- as well as allowing them to enact on their suggestions -- has helped elevate your roof's lifespan and performance beyond its expected due date.

Now that it's spring, your roof does feel more capable of handling the situation after all, the temperature is mild, and no snow is involved. However, it's the perfect time to have roof maintenance services as soon as possible. It's nearly impossible for winter not to leave your roof unwounded with any micro or small problem. Furthermore, these problems can grow and evolve into bigger issues over time if you leave it unattended.

Roof maintenance services during springtime might be more expensive because of the higher demand. Most professional Littleton, CO roofers will prefer offering their roofing solutions during the mildest temperatures on your roof. In doing so, they guarantee their employees' safety and well-performed installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance solutions. Furthermore, it helps lower your overall costs because labor becomes faster as a result of springtime maintenance.

However, you can drive down costs if you use roofing maintenance subscription services. Similar to your Netflix subscriptions, you pay your roofers a once-a-year payment guaranteed for a set number of years. Then, they'll show up during the intended time to repair and address any issues that may currently exist on your roof.

Homeowners can perform DIY roofing maintenance. On the other hand, we'd highly advise against it because it can be difficult and can lead to more expensive issues. If you're willing to experiment, Budget Dumpster has a good summary on how it works:

1. Check Your Shingles Regularly

So, how do you maintain a roof? Well, the first step is simply to check up on it as often as possible, especially after a heavy storm or high winds. The good news is that you don’t have to clamber up a ladder to get a good look at your roof. Instead, all you need is a good pair of binoculars to see any potential problems. Here’s what you should look for when inspecting your roof yourself:

  • Missing shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Peeling flashing
  • Missing granules

Any of the above signs of damage should be looked at as soon as possible, preferably by a professional roofing contractor who can safely make the necessary repairs.

2. Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Wondering why you should pay for a roofing inspection when you have our roof maintenance checklist right in front of you? An inspector will be able to spot potential problems you might’ve missed, as well as provide you with invaluable tips for maintaining your roof. They’ll also give you a rough idea of how many more years it will last. Most roofers recommend inspections every two years, but an inspection once a year will increase your chances of finding potential issues before they become costly repairs. (Continue)

Remember, it's important to have professional roofing companies such as Roper Roofing help you with much of your roofing maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today to learn about everything that we can do for you!


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