Roofing Material Myths: Do Zero-Leak Roofing Material Exist?

It's all clear skies today, but with the climate becoming continuously unpredictable, Littleton, CO homeowners might experience sunny days and extreme rains the next. Sitting in your living room, you're wondering if your age-old roof can withstand a strong downpour with zero leaks. Previously, you've seen some orange-brown streaks across your interior ceiling, signifying serious problems that your reliable Littleton, CO roofer had fixed to a certain extent.

But, like numerous homeowners across Littleton, you're wondering about your roof's capacity to defend you against the elements even with top-quality repairs and maintenance. Truthfully, many homeowners want to jump in on any zero-leak roofing materials. You're reading numerous posts about spray polyurethane foam roofing and other seamless commercial roofing materials.

Truthfully, commercial flat or low-slope roofing has virtually or purely seamless installation processes, which use torch-down or self-adhering methods. These won't work with traditional high-slope roofs. Not only do they have gaudy aesthetics (which work for flat roofs because they're unseen), but they cannot withstand extreme missile impact, unlike asphalt shingles and residential metal roofs.

No zero-leak roofing materials exist. However, proper roofing installation and regular maintenance ensure virtually zero leak risks. While it's not completely removed, it's a good start, especially if you want to prolong your roof's integrity.

Bay 101 Roofing has an excellent post regarding roofing maintenance being a necessity. Read more about it below.

Roof maintenance is something that isn’t touched upon too often at home. People tend to postpone roof maintenance as long as possible, until issues star. However, maintaining the roofing structure of your house is vital. Your home and family’s safety depends on that.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to make the necessary residential repairs. Use your available budget wisely. Invest in a good roofing maintenance program and avoid incurring greater expenses when roof deterioration results in issues too expensive to repair. Roof inspections and regular maintenance will save you money, time and headaches.

Do you usually leave the repairs to your home for last minute? Here we explain three simple reasons why it’s vital to maintain the roof of your house.

More time between roofing replacements

During the last decades, roofing materials have improved exponentially. A roof’s lifetime now exceeds twenty years (if maintained properly). Maintenance-free roofs can last between ten and fifteen years. So, if you want peace of mind concerning your roof, we recommend calling your trusted roofing contractor. Request a roofing inspection and invest in a good roofing maintenance program.

Avoid structural damage

Leaks, broken tiles, mold or the presence of insects such as termites as well as some birds, can significantly compromise the base structure of your home’s roof. Issues in the roof are usually noticed when it is already too late. When this happens, the deterioration is such that the costs of repair are often excessive. Before your roof starts falling into pieces, why don’t you get a roofing maintenance program? (Continued)

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