Did Tesla Cancel Your Solar Project? Here's a Great Alternative

In the last few years, Tesla's solar shingles led the revolution for an alternative to solar panels. Their systems were modern and infallible, even if they required in-house specialist teams to install and service the panels regularly. Many homeowners enjoyed fashionable solar shingles without erecting a single aluminum frame to support the system.

Unfortunately, recent news came to light that Tesla has been canceling projects en masse. A report states that the company even halted the progress for projects already in advanced stages. Whichever way you look at it, it's a sad and frustrating state of affairs for Tesla solar shingle users.

The news states that Tesla is planning to supply third-party installers instead of its initial first-party approach. This resembles the strategy GAF has used to market and deliver its Timberline Solar Shingles across the country.

Timberline Solar from GAF is the best alternative if Tesla did cancel your project in its advanced stages. If you can get a refund, you might even save enough cash because of the affordable and easily serviceable Timberline Solar shingles from GAF.

If you'd like to learn about Tesla's solar project cancellations further, you can refer to this excerpt from Electreck below.

Tesla has canceled solar projects en masse across the US as the company says that it is shutting down its solar operations in some markets.

After years of its solar business slowing down since acquiring it through taking over SolarCity in 2016, Tesla’s solar division was finally getting some momentum over the last few quarters.

Tesla achieved a record US residential solar deployment in Q2 2022. Last quarter, Tesla also had a strong performance with 94 MW of solar power deployed – up 13% year-over-year.

However, the momentum was not without issue as Tesla had to stop scheduling solar roof projects in most markets in Q3. The automaker focused on deploying the product on new construction projects, like a large one in Austin.

Now we learn that Tesla is canceling many solar projects, including some in advanced stages, and the company is saying that it shutting down operations in some markets.

Over the last three days, Electrek has received half a dozen reports from Tesla Solar customers who have been informed by the company that Tesla would not be moving forward with their projects and canceling the order.

Those customers all received this email from Tesla this week:

Thank you for your interest in Tesla solar. Upon further review of your project, our team has determined that your home is in an area we no longer service. As we cannot complete your order, we have processed your cancellation. You will receive a full refund of any collected deposit within 7-10 business days to the card on file.

This includes customers who had solar panels or solar roofs on order and even some projects that were already designed and permitted. Based on social media channel checks, hundreds of Tesla customers are likely in this situation.

In the email, Tesla writes that it is no longer servicing the areas where those customers are located. We have received reports from customers in major solar markets including the greater Los Angeles area, Northern California, Oregon, and Florida.

The fact that Tesla wouldn’t be covering those areas would be a significant change of strategy as the company has previously talked about only expanding its solar division.

Electrek also learned that Tesla has laid off a number of employees in its solar scheduling, planning, and design department.

In the email to customers, Tesla refers them to “Tesla Certified Installers” in their area.

We previously reported on Tesla’s certified installer program. It started with roofing companies trained to install Tesla’s solar roof, but lately, Tesla has also certified solar panel installers to deploy the company’s “Tesla Energy” ecosystem. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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