Do Metal Roofs Have Any Disadvantages?

We always see metal roofs as the best, highly durable, and exceptional roofing solution for residential and commercial properties. Steel is a great material with exceptional density, protection against hail, rain, and snowstorms, and exceptional capacity to last for decades and even a century. However, they're not all positives -- they actually have negatives if you think about it.

Metal roofing isn't durable forever. Within the last 10 years of its protective capabilities, it can slowly degrade and become dysfunctional over time. Additionally, here are three more disadvantages present when you use metal roofs.

It's Really Expensive

Metal roofing is about $14-$15 per square foot, making them one of the most problematic and expensive roofing materials available in the market. While they're greatly durable, they're one huge investment. It pays to use a reliable Littleton CO roofing company to help you with your metal roof installations. Remember, you've spent a fortune on having them. Make sure they work perfectly for your property.

It Requires Additional Acrylic Elastomeric Paint for Protection

Acrylic elastomeric paint can prolong the lifespan and capability of roofing materials. However, this is an additional $80-$100 on top of your roofing material budget. Once again, your roofing labor time increases because you'll need professional roofing teams from Littleton CO to apply the acrylic coating properly to avoid bubbling and ensure an exceptional additional protective layer that improves your property aesthetic at the same time.

They're Not All Suitable for Heavy Salt-Air Areas

Metal roofing is problematic, especially if you plan to use them on bay or riverside properties. High salt-air areas will corrode the steel core fast. You'll need to invest on an even more expensive roofing material -- aluminum -- to do the job exceptionally well.

Roofing manufacturer Certainteed has an excellent list of advantages and disadvantages about metal roofing. Read more about them below.

Initial Installed Cost:  While they are not nearly as costly as wood shakes, high-end tile, or slate, metal roofs do have a higher up-front cost compared to most asphalt shingles. However, a metal roof does offer a longer lifespan.  So, if you’re wondering whether it’s cheaper to get a metal roof or traditional shingles, you may want to consider the long-view.

Lengthier install period:  Some metal roofing systems are complex to install. The higher-end systems can take twice as long for a skilled contractor to install than a similarly-sized asphalt roof.  However, the installation times of these high-end metal roofs are comparable to sophisticated roof types like wood shake and slate.

Proximity to salt water:  Metal is not immune to the corrosive effects of salt water and salt fog.  If you are considering installing a metal roof on a home near seawater or brackish water, check the manufacturer’s warranty and be sure that you are in compliance with the warranty specifications.  A common recommendation is that metal roofing not be used within 1500 feet of saltwater, and most warranties will specify a distance that is safe. (Continued)

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