Real Slate Vs. Composite Slate: Which is Better?

Slate is a natural stone that's greatly durable and processed in slightly thin sheets with a beautiful aesthetic. This highly-prized roofing material guarantees exceptional roofing performance and dependability for 50-70 years on average. However, it's has high acquisition costs and may require roof rafter and truss updates if the structure can't support its weight.

When it comes to real slate and composite roofs, homeowners might need a day or two to consider the best one. Here is an evaluation of both roofing materials in this post.

Real Slate

Real slate is a tried-and-proven roofing material with exceptional durability and dependability. Proper installation ensures no spaces between the roofing materials and minimizes leaks during storms. Slate is highly-resistant against hailstones during hailstorms, water permeation, extreme cold and general roof-damaging situations.

Composite Slate

Composite slate is an affordable, durable, and lightweight alternative to slate roof. Traditional slate is highly-dense and heavy because of its stony composition. Composite slate uses fiberglass, asphalt, wood fibers, and other materials that strengthen the material and give it exceptional UV reflectance and density. Composite materials can easily imitate traditional slate shingles, making them the perfect alternative to traditional slate.

Read more about the benefits of composite shingles versus traditional slate and shakes in this post from DaVinci Roofscapes below.

A roof is a crucial structural component since it protects other parts of a home against the external environment. When getting a new roof or a replacement, it is vital to make sure that the type you select is durable and attractive. DaVinci Roofscapes has a wide range of quality and durable roofing products that will increase your home’s curb appeal. Here, we discuss their roofing options and explain why you should consider DaVinci products for your construction project.

Checkout our DaVinci composite slate roof project and how the roof appeared to handle the storm better than other roofs in the community.

Get a Natural Cedar Look with the Elegant DaVinci Wood Shakes

If you like the rustic appearance of cedar roofing materials, you will love DaVinci’s wood shakes. These synthetic tiles have a longer lifespan than typical cedar shakes. They are also available in three tile options to allow you to select the most suitable design within your budget. These options are single-width, multi-width, and Bellaforté shakes.

Single-width shakes have a uniform width of 9 inches and an even pattern that creates a smooth look. These shingles come in a wide range of cedar colors selected from natural wood profiles. On the other hand, multi-width shakes are available in five different widths, which are 4,6,7,8, and 9 inches. Just like the single-width shakes, these roofing materials have a natural wood appearance with deep grains. You can install them in either a staggered or a straight-across pattern for a sophisticated or simple look.

The authentic Bellaforté tiles have a width of 12 inches and a half-inch exposure. These shakes also have a leading-edge tap which helps secure adjacent tiles and boosts wind resistance. Besides, they are durable, elegant and provide a built-in gutter, thanks to the interlocking-tile style.

Complete Your Home Design with DaVinci Slates and Siding

DaVinci roofing slates are an ideal choice if you need natural-looking roofing shingles with minimal maintenance requirements. Like wood shakes, these synthetic slates come in three different models and a wide array of colors. The Bellaforté model is 12 inches thick and has an innovative design that reduces overlapping and saves installation cost. 

Single-width tiles are also 12 inches wide and create a simple look that will give your home a traditional appearance. Besides, since DaVinci Roofscapes designs these roofing materials from natural slates, installing them will create a natural stone-like look.

Another slate model is the multi-width tile which comes in five different sizes of 6,7,9, 10, and 12 inches wide. This diversity gives you the freedom to create any pattern on your roof using different tile sizes and shades.

DaVinci Roofscapes also offers hand-split siding shakes that are long-lasting, unique, and elegant. These tiles are available in two widths which are 8 and 10 inches. Other than that, they have realistic grain patterns and deep grooves that combine to create an exceptional curb appearance. The 10-inches thick siding shakes have a keyway that mimics the look of 4 and 6-inch tiles. You can use these shingles to create a unique roof pattern without using multi-width tiles. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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