Is It True That My Roof Will Suffer Damages By Installing Solar Panels?

In Golden, CO, many homeowners still believe that their roof can suffer from damages because of solar panels. Today's advanced installation procedures guarantee that solar panels will not affect your roof negatively. Plus, it can even prolong its lifespan because it acts as a second roof guard against UV rays.

The best thing about it is your solar panel arrays absorb the sun's energy, allowing you to enjoy an energy surplus beyond what traditional coal power plants can provide. Many homes across Golden, CO, and the country have used solar panels to great success, saving so much power for coal plants and from utility expenses.

Specialist solar panel roofing installation teams will remove select areas of asphalt shingles. Then, they will seal it with roofing tar, which has the equivalent capacity of asphalt shingles, to ensure zero leaks and possible water damages to your attic. The result is effective solar panel roofing that does not take away but only adds benefit to your property.

Having solar panels has many benefits, including a huge amount of energy savings thanks to effective solar panel products. Learn about how GW saved so much in electricity bills and generation thanks to solar energy.

GW has prevented 90 passenger vehicles worth of yearly carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere after installing solar panels on five campus rooftops last May.

Officials said the University has stopped 450 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering Earth’s atmosphere and saved more than $50,000 since officials installed solar panels on the rooftops of six University buildings last May. Sustainability experts said the amount of carbon emissions the University has reduced is small compared to the amount of carbon released yearly, but installing solar panels is a critical first step to lowering GW’s carbon footprint.

University spokesperson Crystal Nosal said the solar panels – which were constructed on top of the Smith Center, Lisner Auditorium, the School of Media and Public Affairs and Monroe, Funger and Duques halls – are increasing solar electricity across the District and that the University is using the rooftop installations to their “maximum potential.”

“The University does its best with the space it has,” Nosal said in an email. “Consistent with GW’s carbon neutrality target and its commitment to developing, piloting and demonstrating models for urban sustainability, GW pursued solar photovoltaic panels on multiple rooftops to increase renewable energy on campus and provide an opportunity for innovation.”

Nosal said officials will install a rooftop solar system on Thurston Hall once the University finishes its current renovation of the residence hall by fall 2022.

Nosal said New Columbia Solar, a solar energy company based in the District, owns the panel system on the University’s rooftops. The D.C. Department of Energy and Environment helped fund the installation after making $8 million available to install new solar capacity on commercial buildings and non-residential surface spaces in the District in 2017. (Continue reading to know more about their savings)

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