New Technologies Will Greatly Utilize Solar Energy

Roper Roofing is a proud solar panel and roofing installation and repair company. Working with top-notch solar panel manufacturing companies, such as REC and Solaria, allow us to provide top-notch roofing solutions for homeowners in Littleton, CO.

However, it isn't just roofing that will fully utilize the ultimate potential of solar panels. Cars have become a widespread usage of excellent solar roofing technologies, allowing them to collect energy, store it in their batteries, and save on electric consumption for traveling.

Solar panel storage manufacturers continue to look for ways to provide better and less cumbersome storage for solar technology users. However, some of them are researching solar fabrics. By using fibers that absorb solar energy woven into clothes, fiber-canvas advertisements, and even vehicle upholstery, you can have portable warmers or charge your phone on the go.

Lastly, solar skins are the latest beneficial technologies in advanced experimentation. These emulate the surfaces of traditional and modern roofing materials. It has a custom image that can emulate an asphalt shingle and send energy directly to the photovoltaic cells underneath it.

Through the years, solar technologies can only become better. If you haven't your solar panels, it's time that you did. Pfister Roofing has an excellent post that talks about the benefits of solar roofing.

Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar panels and tiles for your roof can be a bit pricey to install. You can expect to pay approximately $20,000 for a 350-square-foot solar-shingle layer and a bit less for a large solar roofing panel, but the long-term benefits of installing solar technology on your roof are immense.


First, using solar energy to power your home helps minimize your household’s carbon footprint. Solar power is a renewable energy source, so we can’t effectively use it all up and run out. It allows you to power your home without creating pollution that contributes to global warming.


Solar energy is also a lot more reliable than other sources of energy. The sun rises and sets on a daily basis. Even though the number of clouds in the sky can affect how much energy the panels collect, it’s fairly easy to project how much sunlight you’ll get in your location during each season.


Additionally, using solar panels to power your home provides you with a bit of extra security. Solar power isn’t something that can be purchased or controlled; it’s free for anyone to use.


Using solar could also save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s estimated that installing a solar-shingle layer on your roof can cut your electricity bill by as much as 40 to 70 percent. (Continued)

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