What’s the Potential of GAF Solar Shingles Vs. Tesla’s Offers?

Solar panels are a big hit in Golden, CO, because of forward-thinking homeowners that understand the potential of having life-changing solar panels that can save you tons from energy bills and get you off-grid as easily as possible. However, rural areas in the country have limited access to solar panel installation specialists and the technology itself, and normal roofers are all they have when it comes to solar roofing technology.

GAF solar shingles aim to change all that. The technology can rapidly expand in many areas by introducing solar shingles that even the best roofers of rural areas can install with minimal training and solar panel knowledge. Plus, they cost only a fraction of Tesla’s solar shingles and even traditional solar panels, making them the best candidates for giving everyone the best solar energy experience possible.

On the other hand, Tesla and its solar roofing selections are trendsetters. They easily blend with your roof’s aesthetic, making them excellent roofing materials that are discreet and capable at the same time. However, their price is what puts off many in using them. Plus, they’re mostly available in urban and non-rural areas where solar panel installation specialists reside.

If you’d like to know more about GAF’s new solar shingles, check out this post from The Energy Mix. Read more below.

California-based GAF Energy has developed a mass-market shingle that could revolutionize rooftop solar generation.

“What we’ve built is a nailable solar shingle that goes on as fast or faster than a regular shingle, looks great, and generates electricity,” GAF President Martin DeBono told Canary Media.

GAF Energy is a division of Standard Industries and was co-launched with GAF, one of the largest roofing materials companies in the world. With Tesla and other tech companies pushing towards new approaches to rooftop solar, the roofing giant put its foot in the game to “disrupt the roofing industry” before someone else does.

According to DeBono, GAF Energy’s edge comes from approaching the shingles from the perspective of a roofing company, rather than a solar company. Their emphasis on the product’s utility as a roofing material can help rooftop solar move away from the (relatively) clunky panels we’ve come to know and love.

Customer acquisition is typically costly for solar businesses, but because GAF Energy is already embedded in the roofing industry, it’s in a good position to solarize the roofing market, a quarter of which GAF already commands, Canary Media says. (Continue reading here to learn more.)

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