Why Choose GAF Timberline Solar Shingles?

Homeowners across the country want an efficient solar panel. The energy-saving benefits of solar panels outweigh the necessity for aesthetic roofing. Unfortunately, homeowners associations are mostly against the installation of bulky panels that impact the community's overall value and aesthetics. GAF's groundbreaking Timberline solar shingles became the meeting point between energy-conscious homeowners and HOAs.

Timberline solar shingles maintain the beauty of your roof. They look like regular asphalt shingles and blend well with many roofing materials. GAF has made efforts to make the roof look like typical roofing materials. Furthermore, it won't require special foundational installations – certified GAF roofers can nail it like normal roofing materials. 

Installing a set of Timberline solar shingles only requires certified GAF installation teams. These are trained groups that will follow all the manufacturer's installation steps and have received training before they are certified. A manufacturer-approved roofer can install your new Timberline solar shingle roof with full warranty coverage from GAF, which typically lasts for decades.

Timberline solar shingles are highly efficient compared to the competition. They have a 20% efficiency on par with current solar panel technologies. Another advantage is they're easily serviceable. GAF has made it easy to nail the roof and have certified GAF roofing installation teams trained to install, repair, and replace the roof as needed.

If you're still on the fence about GAF Timberline solar shingles, you can read this short review from CNET. Here's an excerpt below.

What do I get from GAF Energy?

Instead of dealing in solar panels, which get mounted to roofs on metal racks, GAF Energy sells solar shingles, called Timberline Solar, that nail into roofs like any old asphalt shingle. The shingles sit flat against the roof, with electrical components housed in conduit on the front of each one. It makes for a less obtrusive look than solar panels, but not as seamless as the sleek-but-pricey Tesla Solar Roof.

Because solar shingles and solar panels are different technologies, it's not as useful to compare the energy-generating specs of Timberline Solar and the offerings from other solar companies. But GAF Energy is able to meet the energy needs of homeowners with Timberline Solar installed on their roofs. 

All solar panels produce less energy over time. Timberline Solar's warranty says it won't decrease in production more than 2% in year one or more than 0.55% per year after that. After 25 years, Timberline Solar should still produce at 84.8% its original level. That rate of decline is in line with many solar panels in use today, but lags behind some top-of-the-line offerings.

GAF Energy also guarantees no leaks from manufacturer defects for 25 years, and extends a 15-year warranty against winds up to 130 mph.

Timberline Solar comes with two enhanced solar warranties buyers can add on. With a Solar Plus warranty addendum, you receive a one-year guarantee of the electrical workmanship and 10 years of coverage for third-party electronics. With the Solar Max warranty addendum, you receive a 10-year guarantee on the electrical workmanship and 25 years of coverage for third-party electronics.

With Solar Max coverage, you also receive a 25-year solar power generation guarantee. This guarantees that your Timberline Solar system will generate a specific number of kilowatt hours by certain points throughout the 25 years. The value of this guarantee depends on how many kilowatt hours are promised. Such decisions are made from project to project, and I don't have a clear idea of how aggressive those goals are.

If a production benchmark is missed, GAF Energy, which will be monitoring the system, will correct any issues with the system and then "make that customer whole," Holmes told CNET.

Holmes also said that while GAF isn't focusing on backup batteries just now, the systems are compatible with all major battery brands, and customers will be able to add one. (Continue reading here to learn more).

Roper Roofing & Solar is a reliable roofing company with decades of experience caring for roofs in your neighborhood. Many homeowners trust us for all their solar panel and Timberline solar shingle installations because we're a certified GAF Timberline solar shingle and asphalt shingle roofing company. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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