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Will Solar Shingles Dominate The Market Over Panels?

Solar shingles have become top discussions for many contractors today because of GAF's groundbreaking solar energy-collecting asphalt shingles that only needs a professional roofer – not a solar panel specialist - to install properly. GAF's solution is extraordinary because it simplifies a gigantic problem in the industry, one that Tesla's solar shingles couldn't resolve.

Despite the success of solar panels, we believe that solar shingles deserve a market. Solar panels are effective but greatly affect a property's curb appeal. Solar shingles are nowhere near a 100% roof material imitation that composite shingles do, but it's possible they can transition to aesthetically-pleasing and effective roofing materials in the future.

With solar shingles, roofers won't have to go through additional sessions for licensing. GAF's Timberline Solar Shingles introduced the best solution for this by prioritizing both functionality, ease of installation, and efficiency. Many of GAF's MasterElite roofers can transition easily into Timberline Solar Shingle  installations because of its simple installation feature.

We believe that the solar shingle market is relatively young at present, but it has the potential to grow and evolve further than what solar panels can achieve with aesthetics included and not just efficiency.

Clean Technica has a great starter guide to understanding and buying solar shingles. Read more about them here.

Two large manufacturers lead the field in this industry: Dow and CertainTeed. But new competitors include GAF and Corning, plus a slew of Chinese manufactures. How solar shingles are made is changing, as well, including the use of flexible glass, thin film, and hybrid solar/thermal options.

Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles are presently available in 17 US states, including the east and west coasts, plus Hawaii.

“Many homeowners are increasingly interested in taking control of their energy consumption by generating their own power with solar,” said Yochai Gafni, Commercial and Marketing Director for Dow Solar.

As with traditional solar panels, the front-end cost is a stumbling block. Systems for typical 3,000 square-foot house can cost as much as $25,000, even though monthly electricity bills will be reduced. But cost calculations are very much location specific, depending on amount of daily sun, roof configuration and direction, and differences between local utility providers.

“For an additional 27,480 over the cost of a traditional roof, you could receive 58,640 in energy savings over 25 years and potentially increase your home value by $33,000,” Dow’s marketing department penned in a recent press release. Calls for more specific information was not provided at the time of this publication.

Dow does offer some financing programs that information is not reviewed here..

Colorado’s McStain homes features DOW solar shingles.

“Colorado continues to be a national leader in solar energy innovation, and has embraced the POWERHOUSE solution in this market,” said Dan Pezolt, Dow Solar Commercial Director, in a recent news release. “Colorado already has motivated homeowners who are interested in smart and sustainable home investments that bring down their energy costs without interfering with the look of their home. In this case, we’re providing a novel solution using an untapped part of the home – the roof – for innovation in both energy generation and value.” (Continue reading here to learn more)

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