Denver CO Hail Damage: Overcoming The Roof Hail Damage Trauma

Hailstorms are a Denver CO homeowner's nightmare. With different hail sizes from peas to softballs, these fast-moving hailstones can impact and thoroughly damage a roof of any kind. It pays to know about how hail will damage your roof and overcoming the roof hail damage trauma.

Aside from roof hail damage, other parts of your property may likely have suffered hailstorm damage. Windows can break and trees can get knocked down in some extreme cases. Before your concern yourself about roof hail damage, it pays to think about your safety as a first priority. Carney Insurance Services has an excellent guide to help you get through hail damage trauma quickly.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe After Hailstorms

During a hailstorm, windows may break and high winds can knock down trees and power lines. If the hail is big enough, it can cause shingle damage to the roof of your home. It can also damage the roof and hood of your car and maybe even crack your windshield. If you’ve just been through a hailstorm, be careful and follow these tips:

Make Safety Your First Priority

  • Watch out for broken glass, sharp objects and exposed electrical wires.
  • Wear proper shoes and gloves.
  • Don’t use rain-soaked electrical equipment.
  • Watch out for downed trees, power lines, and debris.

Safeguard Your Home and Your Car

Prevent Further Damage

A hailstorm may be accompanied by heavy rain and wind. The longer your home is exposed to water, the more damage you’ll see to your roof, ceiling, walls and floors, as well as any personal belongings you have inside. (Continued)

Once everything in your home is in good shape and you're ready to deal with the damages, you can proceed with checking for damages to your roof. True enough, roof hail damage isn't difficult to spot -- you can find the largest impact craters on your roofing material from the curb if it's large enough. However, remember that hailstones come in varying sizes. You might never find the small impact craters capable of evolving into big problems in the future.

To make sure you have every part of roof hail damage covered, you'll need a good checklist to make sure. ProTech Roofing has an excellent list that can serve as your one-stop shop for all your roofing checking needs. Check it out below.

Inspecting Your Roof for Hail Damage

Roof hail damage can be hard to spot.

Especially if you’ve never looked for it before.

But if your roof has been damaged by hail, your home may be vulnerable to roof leaks or more rapid deterioration of shingles or roofing materials.

This checklist is a laymen’s guide to roof hail damage…

…to equip you with some tricks of the trade to inspect your property and get an idea of whether or not you may have hail damage on your roof.

PLEASE NOTE – Inspecting a roof can be dangerous. Always practice safety first. We do not advise you to get on your roof unless you have proper safety gear and relevant roofing or construction experience.

If you need professional help to determine whether you have hail damaged on your roof, contact a reputable, local roofing company for a full hail damage roof inspection.

First, let’s check out some pictures of actual roof hail damage… so you get an idea of what it looks like.

What exactly does hail damage on a roof look like?

  • Visible granule loss from hail strike
  • Large loss of shingle granules from hail
  • Missing granules from hail strike
  • Exposed asphalt deterioration from hail damage
  • Shingle damage from hail stone
  • Shingle tear & puncture from hail
  • Visible hail damage to shingle
  • Look at shingle mat fibers on right side of puncture
  • Dented roof vent from hail storm
  • Hail damage to HVAC Condenser
  • Condenser coil hail damage
  • Dented metal roof from hail strike

Now, here are a few things to get you started to see if you may have hail damage on your roof. (continued)

Lastly, if you have roof hail damage insurance, you'll want to make a claim for it. In some cases, insurance adjusters are gallant. They will help you earn the full coverage of your claim. Otherwise, you have a claim on maximizing your roof hail damage insurance benefits.

To make sure you're always accurate and on-point in helping get benefits that can save you much from expensive restoration costs, you can look to Storm Pros' comprehensive roof hail damage insurance claim guide.

The Basics of a Successful Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim

It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare: the passing of an immense hailstorm. What’s worse, they face huge repair expenses. Fortunately, a roof hail damage insurance claim will save you from all the hailstorm-brought financial trouble.

However, making a claim requires following a few steps. Preliminary steps include reading the insurance terms and conditions once again.

Your trusted roofing contractor will handle most of the claims work. They will possess the insurance-maximizing information you’ll need. Adjusters will usually recommend their trusted contractors. Having a reputable contractor represent you is the best way to go about any insurance claim.

Call a Contractor For Inspections After a Storm

Hailstorms are dangerous. The sharp-edged ice with varying sizes travel at such a high velocity during hailstorms. In turn, they will cause grave damage to the roofing material upon landing.

Unmanaged hailstorm damage will cause leaks to form. In fact, this most likely happens to properties consistently facing hailstorms. Indeed, you can conduct minor repairs for small damages. However, it is wiser to call a contractor to provide accurate inspections after a storm. (Read more)


As stated in the guide, you will need to work with a reliable Denver CO roofer with decades of experience in analyzing and repairing roof hail damage. If you have yet to find one of such caliber, you can count on us at Roper Roofing. We've been serving Denver CO homes and properties for more than 10 years. Learn more and talk to us today!

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