Denver CO Hail Damage Containment: Why and How of Hailstorms

Nobody in the world ever asked for hailstorms. Denver CO homeowners definitely didn't want hailstones to impact heavily on their asphalt shingle roofs. However, hailstorms form out of control of anyone, and performing hail damage containment is most especially difficult especially for first-time hit property owners.

If you have yet to encounter or deal with hail damage because it's your first time to own your very own home and maintain it, it's important to first understand the origins of hailstorms. Weather Imagery has an elementary yet helpful article that can help you understand its origins below.

Hail Damage Containment: How Does Hail Form?

Hail forms in thunderstorms where the updraft is strong enough to carry water droplets and ice condensing nuclei high into the atmosphere where they interact and freeze turning into ice. When the weight of the ice is too heavy for the updraft to keep it aloft, or when the hail escapes the updraft, it falls to the ground as a hailstone.

Hail Formation

The dynamics behind what creates the hail is somewhat complex. The basic ingredients are ice condensing nuclei, super cooled water droplets, latent heat, and powerful updrafts. In order for ice to form, supercooled water must come in contact with an ice condensing particle such as dust, pollen, or even insects. By supercooled, we mean the temperature of the droplet is less than 32°F yet remains in liquid form.

If these ice condensing nuclei aren’t present, water droplets can become supercooled and remain unfrozen. An updraft from a thunderstorm however will carry with it small particulates like dust, pollen, and insects which will collide with the supercooled water droplets. Once the water droplets touch an ice condensing particle, the supercooled water instantly freezes and turns to ice (same principal behind ice forming on an aircraft wing).

Hail Growth (Continued)

Now that you understand how hailstorms form, a crucial part of hail damage containment is understanding its massive impact on your roof. Asphalt shingle roofs and other roofing material can withstand a few hailstorms until the impacts can thoroughly damage or even dislodge some material off the roof.

Storm Pros has a great article explaining the massive damages that hail wreaks upon roofs and how to perform basic hail damage containment.

What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof in Allen Tx?

Various areas in Texas receive hail each year, and Allen is no exception. This is why if you live in this city, you need to obtain knowledge about dealing with hailstorms. Your roof is one important structure of your home which you should inspect after a storm has passed. The roof is susceptible to damage regardless of the material.

You’d probably ask, “What does hail damage do to a roof?” Being able to identify the signs of hail damage with the help of a hail inspection checklist allows you to call a roofing contractor right away. You also get to file a storm damage insurance claim on time. Remember that insurance companies sometimes take advantage of the fact that you have no evidence of hail damage.

What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof (The Signs and Consequences of Hailstorms)

Let’s start by understanding the fact that hail, specifically larger stones, damage anything in their path. But hail damage is not always obvious, especially to the untrained eye. Note these visible indicators of roof damage caused by hail:

1. Dents and cracks on the gutters, downspouts, siding, and other items

Start looking for damage on the items outside of your house. If you find crack and dents which were not there before, you have a good reason to suspect roofing damage.

Check structures of your home such as the gutters. It’s easy to spot hail damage to aluminum gutters than copper gutters since aluminum is a softer material. Look at the downspouts and siding material. Inspect your car as well if it was parked outside during a storm. Dents in the hood and a broken windshield are typical signs. (continued)

By understanding how you can provide aid to your ailing roof right after a massive hailstorm, you'll want to know how much it will cost you. You've definitely heard it from professional Denver CO roofers with in-depth experience on hail damage containment and residents of the area: hail damage containment is expensive and requires a huge financial commitment.

To give you an idea, Roofing Calculator has a good estimate with recently updated market data to help you know how much you'll be spending for hail damage roofing expenses.

How Much Will You Spend For Hail Damage Repairs

Many contemporary roofing systems are rated for hail resistance. The scale is generally 1 thru 4, which conveys the size of hail that has been tested on sample of roofing material to let you the consumer know what the given material can withstand.

Roofs and siding on your home are continually vulnerable to hail damage, especially in hail-prone states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, and other areas. Fortunately, restoration of a hail-damaged roof is both attainable and economically feasible.

Diagnosing The Problem

Before restoration is even considered, the extent of the damage needs to be determined. Damage from hail to a roof can be stealthy and invisible from the ground.

With golf ball sized hail or larger, you’ll see noticeable signs of destruction to siding, gutters, or windows. In that situation, it’s probably a given that the roof also has some extent of damage.

Did you know? When hail is closer to quarter size, and up to golf ball sized hail, detection of damage from the ground level is difficult to assess.

While it is obvious that climbing onto the roof is the way to assess the damage, it is not advisable for you to do so, particularly with any type of tiled or shingled roof.

Loosened tiles can be dangerous to walk on, not to mention if the damage to the roof deck also exists but is covered by the damaged tiles.

If you suspect any sort of damage to your roof, the first step is to contact your insurance company. (Read More)

If you have hail damage containment insurance, you can definitely avoid the huge financial commitments associated with hailstorms. However, it's a different and difficult ball game in itself too, and you'll need the help of experienced professionals to help you maximize your claims. If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can depend upon Roper Roofing for all your roofing needs. Contact us today!

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