5 Awesome Ways to Maximize a Residential Flat Roof Design in Denver

Previously, we wrote up a blog post about the reasons why a residential flat roof design is worth considering. While flat roofing systems make an economical choice for homeowners in Denver, there’s one thing that they lack: the wow factor.

Do you get what we mean? Because flat roofs are flat, people can’t appreciate their appearance from the ground. This is in total opposite with sloped roofs that make up 40% of a home’s exterior.

But we’re here to introduce some amazing hacks that will change the way you think about a residential flat roof design. Ready? If you are, let’s get started.

How to Get the Most out of a Residential Flat Roof Design

Below are ideas you can use for a residential flat roof. Say goodbye to a dull roof!

1. Rooftop Dining Room

We usually designate the first floor of our home for a dining area. This time, why not use your flat roof for an outdoor dinner dining area? You’ll be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful city - appreciate the city lights while feeling the cool evening breeze.

A rooftop dining area is also a great place to bond with your family and friends…. Or even use it to propose to your date! Add a few bushes, lights, and wooden furniture to complete the look.

2. Garden

closeup of succulents

Growing a garden on a flat roof has many advantages.

Another one of the uses of a flat roof is a garden. You can now call your roof a “green roof”. Building a rooftop garden out of a residential flat roof design is superb for the following reasons:

Fulfills your interest in gardening

Got a green thumb? Now, you have the opportunity make a beautiful garden out of your flat roof.

Compensates for the lack of space on the ground

Nobody said that growing plants should only be done at the ground level. If you use the space outside your home for other purposes, a flat roof solves your gardening worries.

Helps the environment

Green roofs are environmentally friendly in that they reduce landfill waste. They also assist in stormwater management by retaining rainwater and returning it to the atmosphere.

Improves your air quality

Plants capture pollutants from the environment, filtering the air. A green roof is one way to invest in your family’s health.

Cools down your home

Flat roofs without gardens are hotter, especially during summer months. The garden acts as a barrier so that heat from the sun that reaches your home through the roof is greatly minimized.

3. A game, Sports, or Fitness Area

Love playing golf? How about basketball? Table football? Are you a fitness enthusiast? Whether you’re into gaming, sports, or health, know that a residential flat roof design allows for these passions.

Dedicating your flat roof membrane to such plans helps you save money. Now, you’ll be able to have the resources you need in the comfort of your home. Save money on commute and expensive gym membership plans while benefiting from an outdoor ambiance.

4. Yoga Studio

residential flat roof design

A residential flat roof can be used to hold your morning and afternoon yoga sessions.

If you want to start a career in yoga by holding online and offline classes from home, use your flat roof for that. Holding yoga sessions at the rooftop is now a popular practice because of the natural light, cool breeze, and spaciousness.

Just make sure to plan your roof from the start. A material made out of PVC roofing is the best choice. It’s durable and withstands constant foot traffic.

5. Space for Solar Panels

Is it possible to install solar panels on flat roof? Yes, absolutely. Aside from maximizing unused rooftop space, flat roof solar panels allow you to enjoy a renewable energy source. You lower your electricity bills and at the same time save the planet.

Just remember that if you plan to use solar panels for flat roof, you’ll have to consider some important aspects. They include the optimal tilt angle, planning permission, space, and the possibility of pooling and leakage.

Different Residential Flat Roof Materials

Did our residential flat roof design ideas inspire you? By now, you must be interested to know the different types of flat roofs. Here at Roper Roofing, we install the following flat roofing systems:

PVC Roofing (Lifespan: between 15-30 years)

We mentioned previously that PVC roofing is a great choice for rooftops that accommodate people. PVC material stays watertight and durable for many years to come. Our team can mechanically install PVC to the substrate or adhere to it completely.

PVC roof life expectancy ranges from 15-30 years. This long service life means that you get to save money on replacing a roof in a few years’ time.

EPDM Roofing (Lifespan: up to 50 years)

An EPDM rubber flat roof is another suitable material for decks and gardens. Like PVC, EPDM has waterproofing benefits. You can trust this rubber roofing material because of its proven track record in the US.

Another advantage is that EPDM accommodates movements in your home structure and temperature fluctuations without deteriorating.

TPO Roofing (Lifespan: 22-30 years)

Installing solar panels on a flat roof like TPO is something that a lot of residential properties do already. TPO can also be used for rooftop gardens and walkway pads.

Some of its major advantages include ease of installation, availability of various colors, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Torch Down Roofing (Lifespan: up to 20 years)

Also called a modified bitumen roof, torch down roofing got its name because of its method of application. Solar panels can be mounted on a torch down roof. Want a garden on this roofing system? Yes, that’s also possible.

Proper installation ensures that a torch down roof lasts long. You can make a torch down roof more UV resistant by applying roof coatings.

Interested in a Residential Flat Roof Design? We Can Help!

Whether you are installing a new roof for your Denver home or about to replace an old one, hopefully, this guide gave you inspiration. Again, a residential flat roof system can be utilized for various purposes.

The most important step to completing your flat roof installation or replacement project is to find a roofing contractor in Denver CO with flat roofing expertise spanning decades. For that reason, we at Roper Roofing offer our expertise. We specialize in flat roofs and use trusted brands.

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